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When Anne Williams started her GFWC journey in 2011, she immediately fell in love with her club and the women working alongside her to make their community a better place. As the 2020-2021 club president of the Rochester Junior Women’s Club in Michigan, Anne said she has been honored to help continue the selfless traditions of leaders before her.

“I have to say that I have met some of my dearest friends throughout the entire GFWC organization and have had many wonderful experiences that have truly enriched my life,” Anne said. “I attended my first GFWC Convention in 2012 and have been hooked ever since.”

Having lived in Rochester Hills, Michigan, for several decades, Anne said giving back to her community is incredibly important to her.

“Volunteering satisfies my need to participate in my community by making a difference in someone’s life. I also believe in karma and hope that by paying it forward, others will do the same,” she said.

Anne added she has always tried to share her love of volunteering with her family, a trait her mother passed on to her.

“When I was growing up, my mother was a huge volunteer. She was a Camp Fire Girl, she volunteered through the PTA, with the library – volunteering has always been a part of my life. When I moved here, I wanted to instill that in my children,” she said, adding when she found the women’s club, she knew it was the perfect opportunity for her to get involved.

While Anne has been involved with many projects and fundraisers with the Rochester Junior Women’s Club throughout the years, she said she is always excited to participate in their spring luncheon. During this event, vendors will sell goods, clubwomen participate in a fashion show, and attendees enjoy a tasty lunch. She noted it is not uncommon to have almost 500 women in attendance.

“It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year and people in the community really look forward to coming to it,” she said.

Anne said she has truly enjoyed being a clubwoman and appreciates all of the support and kindness from other members.

“It’s a wonderful group of women and when we join together we do wonderful things for the community,” she said.

She added she hopes other women see the good they can do in their own hometowns by being part of an organization such as GFWC.

“I hope that women of all ages continue to support GFWC by becoming involved. The history and achievements of this more than 100-year-old organization are utterly amazing, and proof that together we can accomplish everything,” she said.

As Anne continues her Federation journey, she said she believes everyone who is able should take the time to try to help others.

“I feel that if everybody volunteered just a little bit, this world would be an even more incredible place to be,” she said.


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