Marion “Petie” Metz


The GFWC Woman’s Club of Belpre (Ohio) can’t imagine Belpre without fifty years of contributions from Marion “Petie” Metz. Everywhere you look in their town, you can see the way she’s helped shape it. For example, the .8 mile of a walking track where hundreds of people walk every day wouldn’t be possible without Petie, who was an intrical part of raising funds for building it. Additionally, her husband put together a scrapbook of the club’s involvement in the track construction which they then entered into the Prudential Insurance Walking Challenge through GFWC Ohio. They won $1,500 for their club and used that money to install a freeze-free water fountain near the track.

Petie’s innovation and execution is what makes her stand apart. There’s a bandstand where the community’s “Music by the River” Concerts have been held every Tuesday night through the summer for twenty years. When the project chairman doubted they could raise the $80,000 necessary to build it, Petie wasn’t deterred! The club carried bricks into offices all over the area asking for money and made it happen. She also had the idea of raising money to maintain the bandstand by offering the opportunity for engraved bricks. Now it’s surrounded by hundreds of them!

Her dedication is inspiring. She worked at the Belpre Fire Department Bingo Game for 25 years and raised thousands of dollars for the club. She never understood when other members would say they couldn’t work, even when she herself was sick the rest of the weekend because of the smoke. Without fail, she went every Friday night.

For all of these projects, she had a lot of support from club and community members. Rose Logston, club member and Great Lakes Region Treasurer, explained that when Petie gets an idea, the club knows it’ll happen, saying, “She has been the sparkplug for so many projects.” Petie has been known to call Rose at three o’clock in the morning saying, “I’ve been thinking!” Rose really wished saying, “Don’t think now, go to sleep,” worked, but of course when she gets an idea, you listen!

The club and community are better because of Petie. They honor and congratulate her for fifty years of service.


May 13

Volunteers in Action: The Salem Area Woman’s Club; Women’s Club of Indian River; GFWC Yorba Linda Woman’s Club; Needham Women’s Club

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