Sherry Hickey

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Sherry Hickey is president of the Sparta Woman’s Club (GFWC Tennessee) and immediate past president of the Highland Rim District. She was our lucky winner of the “Making Headlines” raffle prize at the 2018 GFWC Annual Convention in St. Louis.

How did you get involved with GFWC and your club?

I have been a member of the Sparta Woman’s Club since 2009. I was a member of the American Woman’s Club in Aurora, Illinois for 33 years before I moved. I served as president and other positions in my many years in ABWA. When I moved to Sparta, there was no local chapter of this business club. I was looking for another club when I saw an ad in the paper for the Sparta Woman’s Club. Then in 2010 they elected me as their president because it was an older membership of women in their 80s. This club was federated in 1933 and they wanted to carry on its rich history with someone that could keep them going.

Which club project has been the most important to you?

One of the innovations that I have been proud of starting was getting our youth involved via an essay contest for the middle schools and the high school students and awarding monetary prizes for the best essays. We also give a $1000.00 scholarship to a high school student in May at the graduation awards day.

I wanted to make a difference in my small local community and my members have joined in raising funds for our Veterans, our Fire Dept., St. Jude, Heifer International, and our local Clean Hearts Pregnancy Center. We also put up a little free library at our local YMCA. Work for Multiple sclerosis is very dear to my heart as I was stricken with MS in 1999. We have also helped with our local parades and the 9/11 Memorial Celebration.

I also love our Collect and feel that it is the perfect motto for the human race to live by and help all to be as one.

What is the best lesson you’ve learned during your time with GFWC?

I have been mentored by wonderful women at the local, district and state level to teach me about the history of GFWC. GFWC has made a huge difference in my life and hopefully I am making a small difference in other’s lives.

What was your favorite part of the 2018 GFWC Annual Convention?

I loved that our 2018 St. Louis convention that we packed thousands of meals for families all across the world that do not have enough to eat. Together we made a huge difference.

What has been the most rewarding part about being a clubwoman?

I have formed many friendships and I am so proud of our little club and all of our accomplishments. I also love our Collect and feel that it is the perfect motto for the human race to live by and help all to be as one.



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