GFWC Federation Refresher

A GFWC Federation Refresher should be held each club year. It is a positive program of continuing education on the benefits of belonging to GFWC and can help with the overall retention of members, while educating new members and creating excitement and pride in your club. GFWC has many programs established to keep its seasoned as well as new members engaged and connected.  One of the most important topics that should be included in the GFWC Federation Refresher Course is why our motto is Unity in Diversity and why it is as important today as when it was adopted at the first GFWC Convention.

A GFWC Federation Refresher at the beginning of the club year allows club leaders to share any new information received at the GFWC Annual Convention held each June. It is a great time to remind your members about the information tools offered through GFWC like the GFWC Clubwoman, GFWC News and Notes, GFWC Blog, the GFWC App, the Women’s History and Resource Center, and most importantly the GFWC Club Manual.

Another way to educate our members on GFWC is to review the GFWC Bylaws and GFWC Resolutions that guide our organization. This reinforces the reasons why we do the things the way we do and support the issues we support.

One way to incorporate a GFWC Federation Refresher is to develop FUN GFWC, state, or club facts and federation quizzes or puzzles. Or go a step further and have a “Dear Jenny” box that members can deposit questions they have regarding federation. Incorporate time on your clubs agenda to answer these questions.

Invite a district or state leader to your meeting when you are conducting your GFWC Refresher Program so members can address the leaders with questions and learn from their experiences within federation.