2024–2026 GFWC Executive Committee Members (l to r): GFWC Treasurer Juliet Casper of South Carolina; GFWC Second Vice President Mary Beth Williams of Colorado; GFWC President-elect Wendy Carriker of North Carolina; GFWC International President Suellen B. Brazil of Alabama; GFWC First Vice President Jolie Frankfurth of Florida; GFWC Secretary Dr. Susan Gettys of Missouri; and Director of Junior Clubs Shannon Bailey of Florida.


Washington, DC, July 9, 2024 — The General Federation of Women’s Club (GFWC) is pleased to announce the installation of its 55th International President Suellen B. Brazil of Alabama at the 2024 GFWC Annual Convention held in Chicago. GFWC President Brazil possesses the experience, the organizational expertise, collaborative skills, the support of the clubwomen, and the dedication to lead GFWC through a successful 2024-2026 Administration.

GFWC International President Suellen B. Brazil during the Installation Banquet thanking the GFWC Alabama Installation Committee for all their hardwork and attention to details to make the night extra special.

“I am deeply honored to serve as the 55th GFWC International President,” said International President Suellen B. Brazil. “Service and personal development are central tenets of GFWC’s 134-year mission.

“Under the banner of ‘Educate, Engage, Empower,’ I will strive to empower individuals from all walks of life, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to shape our future. Through education, we open the doors to opportunities and encourage a culture of lifelong learning. Increased engagement creates meaningful connections and fosters a sense of belonging. Empowerment encourages others to become catalysts of change, amplifying the scope and impact of our collective endeavors.”

“Suellen is a proven leader,” said GFWC International Past President Marian St.Clair of South Carolina (2020-2022). “With her determination and unquenchable faith and belief in GFWC’s mission, she will improve the lives of others and succeed in changing the course of history in many ways, large and small.”   

Brazil brings over 50 years of experience in various leadership roles characterized by enthusiasm, dedication, and passion.  Professionally, Brazil served 44 years as an educator, further demonstrating her commitment to public service. In 2010, she retired from Baldwin County Public Schools (BCPS) in Alabama as an Executive Elementary Administrator, overseeing 28 schools, 18,000 students, and all BCPS employees.

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is the nation’s oldest nonpartisan, nondenominational women’s volunteer service organization that unites local women’s clubs in a collective effort to strengthen communities and enhance the lives of others through volunteer service. From her days as GFWC Alabama Director of Junior Clubs and GFWC Alabama State President, Brazil has been active on the 200-person GFWC Board of Directors. For the past 10 years, Brazil has served on the GFWC Executive Committee, the national leadership authority, for more than 60,000 club members nationwide. As a result, she has connected with local, state, and national leaders at the grassroots level on numerous priorities, including leadership development, legislative advocacy, and serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence, veterans, the homeless, children, and those facing food insecurity.

The 2024-2026 Board of Directors, composed of region presidents, state presidents, directors of junior clubs, special program chairmen, community service program chairmen and committee members, and appointees of the President, were installed and charged with leading the organization for the next two years.    

Brazil, from Daphne, Alabama, is the first GFWC International President from the State of Alabama in the organization’s 134-year history. She is the proud grandmother of four adorable grandchildren, mother of two sons and daughters-in-law, and wife to her late husband, Billy.

Photos by 2024 GFWC Annual Convention Official Photographer Laura Bergman, LoLoB Designs. See More Photos.

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