GFWC Secretary

“Don’t be the woman who fears something—be the woman who is excited to be a part of creating its future.” What incredible adventures Jolie has been part of while serving as a GFWC Officer and 23-year clubwoman. As a member of the GFWC Board of Directors, she has been an integral part of decisions that will take this organization into the future.

Jolie is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Bachelor’s in Business Education. Teaching at the college level has enhanced her abilities to train adult learners in leadership and membership efforts.

Jolie utilizes her experiences as Past President of several GFWC clubs and Advisor of the Juniorette club to help members recognize leadership building techniques and the value of creating new club models. Jolie’s style of leadership is unique; it fosters change, builds loyalty, and encourages others to be a part of the decision-making process.

If you “friend” her on Facebook, you will see that she loves to fish, paddle board, and go on adventures. Although she spent her young life traveling in a military family, Jolie and her husband Tom have lived in Tampa almost 28 years. They have two grown children, Darby and Derek.

Jolie’s leadership vision is for members to choose to commit, to work hard, to focus on the big picture of community service, and be resilient in their efforts to making communities a better place.

Jolie will strive for each State Federation to pursue new and energized club and leadership models—the key to making GFWC’s future bright and strong.


October 19

Volunteers in Action: GFWC Greater West Palm Beach Women’s Club and GFWC North Central Junior Alumnae Club

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