July 5 News & Notes

Welcome to the 2018-2020 Administration

The 2018 Annual Convention in St. Louis was bittersweet. We said goodbye to the 2016-2018 Administration, including 51st GFWC International President Sheila E. Shea, but we also welcomed the 2018-2020 Administration. We can’t wait to see what the next two years will bring us!

Congratulations to the 2018-2020 Executive Committee, especially our new GFWC International President Mary Ellen Brock! Introducing your 2018-2020 Executive Committee:

GFWC International President Mary Ellen Brock

GFWC President-elect Marian St.Clair

GFWC First Vice President Deb Strahanoski

GFWC Second Vice President Suellen Brazil

GFWC Secretary Wendy Carriker

GFWC Treasurer Jolie R. Frankfurth

GFWC Director of Junior Clubs Trisha Schafer

GFWC Parliamentarian Deen Meloro

You can learn more about the Executive Committee on our website.

With a new administration comes new ideas, dreams, and plans. The best place to find them all? In the GFWC Club Manual! The 2018-2020 Club Manual is now available on the GFWC website. You can find it under the News & Publications and Membership menus.

Make sure to visit our website, especially the Resources Page, for forthcoming administration updates and forms. We will be making updates on a rolling basis as information is available. Bookmark GFWC.org so it’s always easy to find.

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Cares & Concerns

We are deeply saddened to announce that Carol White, Past State President of Nevada (2004-2006) and member of Ernie’s High Flyers; GFWC President’s Special Project – Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Committee Member (2006-2008); and GFWC Domestic Violence Signature Project Chairman (2008-2010), passed away in her home after an extended illness. A Celebration of Life Service was held on June 30th. The family asks that memorials be made to the Safe House Inc., 921 American Pacific Drive #300, Henderson, NV 89014, a local shelter for battered women and their children that Carol supported through her GFWC volunteer work.

Our thoughts are with Dorothy Diamond, Past Wisconsin State President (1986-1988), Past GFWC Health Chairman (1988-1990), and Past GFWC Membership Chairman (1990-1992) on the passing of her husband on May 17.

Please keep Pat Pisarski, GFWC South-Central Region President (2018-2020), in your thoughts. Her husband of 64 years, Al, passed away. Condolences may be sent to Pat at P.O. Box 657, Salome, AZ 85348.

Sadly we share the passing of Helen Schatschneider, Past Ohio President (1996-1998). Family will receive friends on Friday, July 6, 2018 at a memorial wake from 2 p.m. until time of parlor service at 4:00p.m. at the Misencik Funeral Home, 36363 Detroit Rd., Avon, OH.

Want to Buy Convention Photos?

Josh Triggs of 3MI Photography has beautiful photos from the 2018 GFWC Annual Convention for purchase on his website. Make sure to check out the album to find photos of you and your friends!

Stay Connected on Facebook

Now that it’s summer and the 2018 GFWC Annual Convention is over, your club is probably taking a well-earned break for the season. That doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch! Facebook is a great way to keep up to date with your fellow clubwomen and the exciting activities they’re getting up to. And don’t forget to like the GFWC Facebook page to stay connected with us this summer!

Introduction to the Grand Initiatives of the 2018-2020 Administration

The 2018-2020 Administration is going to focus on diversity and legislation. It will feature Seven Grand Initiatives to guide your volunteering. Here’s a brief overview of what’s in store:

Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service: Goal is to have 1,000 club projects performed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Women in the Military: Goal is to focus on service opportunities at local military bases, especially ones that benefit the women who serve.

Recognize the Red: Goal is for members to sign their name in red when mailing or emailing letters to government officials in support of legislation so they begin to recognize GFWC’s advocacy efforts.

Arbor Day/Federation Day: Goal is to plant 1,000 trees GFWC-wide.

GFWC’s Million Dollar Club: Goal is for 1,000 clubwomen to donate $1,000 to the Capital Campaign during the 2018-2020 Administration.

Dr. Seuss: Goal is for 1,000 children’s books to be donated in honor of Dr. Seuss on his birthday to schools in need.

Soles4Soul: Goal is for 1,000 pairs of shoes to be donated by clubs.

You’ll learn more about these initiatives in future News & Notes and other GFWC publications, so stay tuned!

Congratulations to the Jennie Award Winners

The GFWC Jennie Award is the only national honor that recognizes individual members for personal excellence and is the highest honor bestowed by GFWC. We are so proud to announce the winners who were honored at the 2018 GFWC Annual Convention in St. Louis.

Great Lakes Region: Martha Bein (GFWC Illinois)

Middle Atlantic Region: Heide Cebrick (GFWC Pennsylvania)

Mississippi Valley Region: Elizabeth Mae Wolfe Kroul (GFWC Iowa)

New England Region: Carolyn Traxler (GFWC Rhode Island)

South Central Region: Beverly Adams (GFWC Arizona)

Southeastern Region: Jane Marshall Carver (GFWC North Carolina)

Southern Region: Anne Kirkham Tyree (GFWC Florida)

Western States Region: Anna (Pat) C. Irot (GFWC California)

These women demonstrate incredible commitment to their communities and we want to thank them for all of their dedicated work!

Videos on Shot@Life Partnership with GFWC

To learn more about Shot@Life and their partnership with GFWC, please visit http://bit.ly/GFWCshotatlife to watch a short video on what has been accomplished so far. To view the short and fun video about why Shot@Life can’t stop halfway when working towards the global goals, please click HERE. Any questions? Email our Shot@Life contact, Rebecca Maxie, at rmaxie@unfoundation.org.

Picture of the Week

Associate Librarian Barbara Hawley called on fellow members of the GFWC Service Guild of Covington (Georgia) to assist with a poetry/craft project at the Monroe Library. They helped kids create a colorful wall hanging and included paintings and a poem chosen by the children. Librarian Hawley began the activity by defining a poem and reading one for the children to enjoy. Approximately 35 children participated!

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