Membership Matters – Winter 2020

Membership Quarterly has a new name: Membership Matters. As a Club President, GFWC wants you to have all of the latest information from Headquarters when it matters most to you.

Perfect Your Profile MemberSuite

GFWC’s Annual Convention will take place in Atlanta, GA, beginning June 27, 2020, and registration for GFWC’s biggest event of the year opens in March on MemberSuite. Now is the time to perfect your profile in the Membership Portal so you will be ready to register for Convention. Remember that only GFWC will have access to any information that you enter, so don’t worry about completing your personal information in your profile.

There are two ways to access the GFWC Member Portal.

2. From the GFWC website at Click on the pink “Member Login” box on the top right of the website.

Club President

As a club president, you already have a MemberSuite account associated with your email address. Once you reach this page,

Click on the profile icon in the top right corner and select “Login” from the drop down. Enter your email address and password. When you log in to your MemberSuite account, you will be asked to choose either your personal profile or your club’s profile.

If you haven’t logged in before:

1. Select “Login” from the drop down, then select “Forgot your password?”
2. Enter the same email that is used to receive GFWC’s weekly newsletter, News & Notes.
3. You will receive a code at that email address that you can enter to create a password.

Select your profile, then go back to the profile icon on the right and click on it. You will get a drop down box.

Choose “My Profile” and “My Personal Information” will appear. On the right-hand side of this page, you will see an edit pen icon.


Click on the edit pen icon to find the page where you can update your profile.

Update your information and don’t forget to click “Update” in the blue box at the bottom of the page.

You have successfully updated your profile and you will be ready when registration for the Annual Convention opens in March.

Club Members Who Need to Create Their Own Profile

As Club President, you should encourage your club members to create their own profiles in MemberSuite, especially if they are planning to register for Convention. Once they access the Member Portal, they should click “join” in the drop down.

They can then “Sign up with a new account” and follow the instructions above to update their profile.

Profile Ready

Now you are ready to register for Convention and other GFWC events, access GFWC documents, purchase in Marketplace, and make a donation to GFWC. In the coming year, GFWC will launch discussion groups and a directory, accessible only to GFWC members.

If you are having trouble logging in please call GFWC at 202-347-3168, or email