Epsilon Sigma Omicron

Mobile Little Free Library

GFWC Northeastern Connecticut Woman’s Club (CT) members enjoy reading as a hobby. They chose to share the love of reading and the concept of Little Free Libraries by donating books and sponsoring the registration of a Mobile Little Free Library. The information on how to start a Little Free Library was presented at all Connecticut State meetings.

Promote Reading

Five members of Indian Head Park Woman’s Club (IL) belong to ESO and several others took the application to get started. To encourage reading, the club president gave bookmarks to everyone with their initial on it and a poem to all the ESO members at the beginning of the club year.

Online Book Discussion Group

GFWC-MFWC Batesville Junior Women’s League (MS) members participated in reading and online book discussions throughout the year with their ESO Reading Group. They promoted ESO reading by extending invitations through social media and engaging others to join the group. Clubwomen, including members from other clubs, participated. Members tracked their reading progress on GOODREADS by keeping a read list.

Children’s Book Nook

GFWC Tuesday Club (MO) members assisted with the Book Nook at their local food pantry to encourage children to read while their parents were shopping. The nook was equipped with children’s books, child-sized shelves, a small table and chairs, and some educational toys. Children were allowed to take one book with them per visit. Club members visited the Book Nook twice a week, adding books to shelves and cleaning and tidying the area.

Book Donations

GFWC Roswell Woman’s Club (NM) encouraged members to share their books and do brief summaries of their favorites. Books were donated to local charitable organizations. They also provided 25 Dr. Seuss books that their team delivered while attending their District Convention.

Little Library

GFWC Ohio Eastlake Women’s Club (OH) placed a Little Library on the grounds of a minor league baseball stadium. Construction was paid for with a grant of $750.00 awarded by the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC). Club members and the local library system provided books. Each book included a sticker with the club’s name and NOPEC on it. A condition of the grant was that it must benefit the community as a whole.

Portfolio of ESO Documents

GFWC Ladies Reading Circle (TN) conducted a book exchange at several meetings. A portfolio, including a supply of ESO forms and a list of requirements for each award, was distributed at the September meeting and made available at the book table each month. Members easily approached the book table and got into good conversation over book favorites.

Monthly Book Discussion and Exchange

GFWC Parkersburg Woman’s Club (WV) members met monthly from September through May at the local library to discuss and exchange books. Each month a different ESO category was the focus. Several members reached the Torch, Star, and Century levels. Books not exchanged among members were donated to the club’s four Little Free Libraries.


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GFWC Volunteers in Action: Women’s Club of Farmingdale (New York), and GFWC Woman’s League of the Lowcountry (South Carolina)

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