Leadership Advancement

Encourage LEADS Participation

GFWC Houma Junior Woman’s Club (LA) held informational meetings and mentoring to encourage members to apply as a candidate for the GFWC Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS). Club leaders knew the importance of helping younger women secure the knowledge offered at the seminar. Previous LEADS graduates helped facilitate and guide members through the process.

Leaders Working Together

Three GFWC Delaware clubs, the GFWC Zwaanendael Women’s Club, GFWC Women’s Club of Milton, and GFWC Village Improvement Association teamed together to have a clothing drive for local students in the high school where forty percent of the students are below poverty level. Through this collaborative effort, students were treated to a shopping trip and purchased various clothing items.

Women Who Make a Difference

Winthrop GFWC (MN) used a creative approach to maximizing leadership skills by allowing members to reach beyond their expectations and think outside the box for an event. To demonstrate their appreciation for women in the community, a “Women Who Make a Difference” dinner was held to honor various women. The goal was to recognize three community leaders that lead by example.

New Member Feedback

Exeter Area GFWC (NH) held an informal new-member feedback session at a local restaurant to discuss their experiences and brainstorm ideas. Club leaders felt the event was a valuable investment, as it began to build relationships quickly while also demonstrating that members are important and valued.

Developing Leadership Skills

GFWC White Mountain Woman’s Club (AZ) encouraged members to participate in events as event chairman, co-chairman, or committee chairman. Previous event leaders supported members’ commitment to accept such roles. Sign-in sheets and events and meetings schedules were created. Training focused on how to use the microphone, speak in front of members, and accomplish a successful project.

Leadership Assistance Program

Based on long-range planning, GFWC Montgomery Woman’s Club, Inc. (OH) realized accepting a leadership role could be daunting. The word “chairman” implied it’s all yours, good luck. The development of a “Leadership Assistant Program” allowed members to assist current officers and chairmen for a year, building their confidence to accept future leadership roles. Current leaders met with assistants, provided specific training and feedback, and invited them to meetings. Because of this program, two members accepted upcoming chairmanships.

Sharing Talent and Knowledge

GFWC Progress Study Club (SD) shared their talents and knowledge on leadership during their local club meetings. Every member was assigned a leadership role at each meeting, whether it was to provide a meditation, share a lesson, participate in roll call topics, or provide an educational program or handout. This focus proved effective at enhancing the skills and confidence of their members, thus making the club stronger.

Mini-Parliamentary Workshops

GFWC Town and Country Woman’s Club (PA) conducted a series of mini-parliamentary workshops during each meeting. Topics included how to write an agenda, commonly-used motions, electronic meetings, quorums, and commonly-posed questions. Club members received a handout on the topic covered. Through these brief workshops, members grew in their understanding of the proper procedures to run an effective meeting.

Mentors to Junior Members

GFWC Woman’s Club of Huntington (WV) members served as mentors to members of the Junior Woman’s Club. Additionally, they supported and encouraged the Junior members who showed potential leadership skills and interest that could possibly lead to woman’s clubs in the future.

Leadership Academy

GFWC Woman’s Club of Vista (CA) attended a city-sponsored Leadership Academy. This included a Finance and Budget overview meeting. They also visited various town offices. The program allowed the community to gain a better understanding of GFWC and the club’s purpose.


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