Leadership Advancement

Planning is Key

GFWC  California Club, the GFWC Orangevale Woman’s Club, Executive Board embarked on the creation of a Strategic Plan with goals to guide them into the next decade. More specifically, they appeared to be looking at the needs of their community they served and how to structure their projects as they began to implement the club’s goals.

Working Together

GFWC Florida Club, the GFWC Four Corners Junior Woman’s Club, goal in 2019 was to become more visible and active with their two closest communities. They met with the city managers of two close cities to determine how their club might partner with them. By the end of the year, there was an ongoing communication and interaction among the cities and the junior woman’s club.

Preserve History

GFWC Illinois Club, the GFWC Illinois Morris Woman’s Club, in order to maintain all documents and make them accessible for members and the future officers, all important documents, such as minutes and treasurer’s reports from 2017 and 2018 were moved into the Google Drive for the MWC Gmail account. Any past records provided by past presidents were also added.

Never Missed A Beat

GFWC North Carolina Club, GFWC Holden Beach, worked through an unexpected tragedy to make sure events, meetings and conventions took place without a hitch. Their leadership came together to assist in all the events and to help the family of a clubwoman lost during her term.

Bright Ideas

GFWC Georgia club, GFWC Dahlonga Woman’s Club, created a club manual in which CSP chairmen were able to review ideas, projects, etc. Even though there was the State yearbook, the club thought having a workbook specific to its club made it more accessible. The book was shared with CSP chairmen at a workshop at the beginning of the club year.

Sharing The Leadership

GFWC West Virginia club, GFWC Woman’s Club of Martinsburg, leadership seminars included historical information and an overview of duties. Each member was given the opportunity to fulfill a monthly duty at the club meetings. All members are involved to build leadership skills and prepare for the future of the club.

We Will Grow

GFWC Oregon club, GFWC North Clackamas Woman’s Club, was formed in 2018 and by January 2019 had lost half their members. The remaining members were committed to rebuild the club and changed the following items; they dispensed with the executive committee and all members involved in decision making items, each month another member took the role of recording secretary and instead of donating money they focused on donating time to rebuild the club. Building is the most important thing in the club right now and they have added a few members. The club is more cohesive because the focus is member driven.

Educational Tools

GFWC Ohio club, GFWC Ripley Women’s Club, incorporated ideas into the state directory as a teaching tool for the first five meetings of the year, January through May. K for Knowledge of the organization, E for Everyone can be a leader, Y for Yes to new ideas and S for Spotlight the successes of your members. Each member was given a sponge to bring to each meeting to “soak up” lessons. There were also five mini lessons: You Can’t Please Everyone; Don’t Let Fear of Failure of Making a Mistake Hold you Back; Comparison is the Thief of Joy; Don’t Wait Around; and Life is Short So Do What Makes You Happy.

Taking On A New Role

GFWC Wisconsin, GFWC Rhinelander Woman’s Club, encouraged members to participate in Leadership Seminars, apply for GFWC LEADS, and GFWC WI LEADS U. The graduates were inspired to participate in a leadership role in the club, district and state.

Club Women Nurture Each Other

GFWC Alabama, GFWC Maude Martin Study Club, recruited young people to continue the future of the Federation and their club. They sponsored the Tri M Juniorette Club by training and educating them with leadership skills. They jointly did community and fundraising activities. GFWC Maude Martin Study Club selected an outstanding Juniorette that they feel would benefit from financial assistance and paid her club dues. They encouraged Juniorettes to prepare for future leadership positions.


August 11

Volunteers in Action: Cartersville Woman’s Club (Georgia)

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