Women’s History and Resource Center Advancement

The Civil War and Women

The GFWC Glendale Woman’s Club (AZ) experienced the role of women in the Civil War through a presentation by a member who is also part of a Civil War reenactment group. The member dressed in period clothes and described various that jobs ladies did with the “menfolk” fighting in the war. She displayed reproductions of ladies period clothing, including undergarments and outer garments. Members tasted samples of “hardtack” (a biscuit) and brown bread.

Community Birdhouse Project

The GFWC Reynolds Woman’s Club (GA) implemented a community birdhouse project by placing a birdhouse in their home garden and hanging a clubhouse replica at their clubhouse. The replica was a masterpiece and members voted to keep it inside on display and get another for outside. This replica is now used for display at community functions, along with the club banner, to raise funds to maintain the clubhouse.

Quarters for Headquarters

The GFWC Mississippi WHRC Assistant Chairman made a presentation at Summer Board to promote a fundraiser “Quarters for Headquarters,” with clubs collecting quarters to go toward the upkeep of the MFWC Headquarters in Jackson. The project would conclude at the state convention in April. The history of the Headquarters was featured in the Dixie Dining III Cookbook with tidbits throughout the book outlining historical accomplishments of both the GFWC and MFWC.

19th Amendment Party

The GFWC Town and Country Club (PA) hosted a 19th Amendment Party on the Saturday preceding the date of the 19th Amendment’s passage. Invitations were sent to state officers and chairmen residing nearby. Attendees dressed as suffragettes or wore hats and gloves. Parts of “Not of Ourselves Alone,” a History Channel production on Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, were shown. A discussion on the women’s suffrage movement followed the video.

Do the Stroll, Historically!

The GFWC Lexington Woman’s Club (VA) held a kick-off luncheon in August. The club historian presented a “Stroll through Lexington Woman’s Club History,” a scripted style-show depicting the dress and accomplishments of the club since it was formed in 1911. Seven members participated as models using costumes from the various decades and historical props. It was hoped the event would familiarize members, both current and new, with the history and traditions of their club.

Notable Women in Society, the Arts, and the Sciences

GFWC Franklin Woman’s Club (NJ) presented a panoramic display at the library that was viewed by 22,000 visitors. Educational posters highlighted women who made notable contributions in various walks of life. Supplemented by photographs and information from Time Magazine, the display included four women “firsts” in their field: Madeline Albright, the first woman Secretary of State; Eileen Collins, the first woman to command a Space Shuttle; Kathryn Smith, the first full-time NFL coach; and Ann Dunwoody, the first woman to rise to the rank of four-star General in the US Army.

Land of Lincoln

GFWC Vandalia Woman’s Club (IL) held a month-long celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Illinois. Themed “Land of Lincoln,” the club re-enacted the Tenth General Assembly of the State in the oldest remaining Capital Building, which is located in Vandalia. Men that served were researched and called “The Friends of Abe Lincoln.” A script was written and men found for the presentation. Members served as docents at the various historical sites.

Centennial Celebration

The GFWC Woman’s Club of Clayton (NC) received a City Proclamation recognizing 100 years of community service. On October 18, the date of the club’s formation, a reception for members and community guests was held at the clubhouse. The club’s Secretary/Scrapbook Chairman designed a multi-paneled photo display of the club’s accomplishments through the years. Members used club memorabilia for decorations and modeled a collection of vintage clothing representing each decade.

Suffragist Club Meeting

GFWC Taunton and Raynham Junior Woman’s Club (MA) hosted a visitor from the past at their meeting! The club’s WHRC Chairman donned period clothing with hat, gloves, and a banner proclaiming “VOTES FOR WOMEN!” She carried a replica of the famous sign that asked “Mr. President, HOW LONG MUST WOMEN WAIT FOR LIBERTY?” She spoke about the women’s suffragist movement, the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial project, and the importance of honoring women who fought for the right to vote.

A Meeting of the GFWC Rhinelander Woman’s Club 1900

GFWC Rhinelander Club (WI) shared interesting club facts to add to the positive attitude they create in the community. They prepared and rehearsed a skit, “A Meeting of the GFWC Rhinelander Women’s Club 1900,” which aired on the local radio station in February. Live presentations, complete with costumes and props, were performed at their club meeting and a GFWC WI workshop. The club also shared the script with another Wisconsin club that will perform the skit during their anniversary celebration next year.


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