Mediators Program

Mediators Program

Do you work well with others? Are you calm in the face of emotionally charged issues? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, we’re looking for you to be a GFWC Mediator! Every few years, current Mediators step down and allow new members to join the team and receive training at Convention to help you hone your skills in conflict resolution.

What is the GFWC Mediators Program?

Through our Mediators Program, formerly the Facilitators Program, GFWC offers specialized, confidential assistance to all levels of the Federation in dealing with membership issues, including recruitment, retention, and new club development. Since 2002, when GFWC introduced its first class of “Mentors,” individual GFWC members, clubs, districts, and State Federations have had the benefit of a specially selected and trained team of experienced and passionate GFWC members to assist them with a variety of issues. The work of this team complements, supports, and reinforces that of GFWC officers, committees, and staff.

How can the GFWC Mediators help our club, district, or State Federation?

GFWC encourages its members to take advantage of the many resources it provides for building and sustaining successful clubs, including the expertise of district, state, and national officers and committee chairmen. Informative publications, such as GFWC Clubwoman Magazine, the GFWC Club ManualNews & Notes, and a variety of lectures, workshops, and conferences are available to assist clubwomen. However, issues may arise at any level of the Federation that require a more specialized approach. For these cases, the GFWC Mediators are “on call” to provide impartial advice, counsel, and assistance in developing successful recruitment and retention programs, building new clubs, using parliamentary procedure effectively, and resolving personality and organizational conflicts.  All interaction with a GFWC Mediator will be kept confidential.

How do I/we request a GFWC Mediator?

Requests for assistance or intervention by a GFWC Mediator should be directed to Membership Services and Programs Director Melanie Gisler at 202-347-3168,, or by postal mail to GFWC Headquarters. Based on a brief description of the project, problem, or conflict for which a Mediator’s assistance is requested, a GFWC Mediator will be assigned to the case. A GFWC Mediator will not be assigned a case solely on the basis of her place of residence, although, depending upon the inquiry, the ease and cost of a Mediator’s transportation to a case site may be a factor in making assignments. The GFWC Mediators will prepare reports for each case they are assigned, which will be maintained in a permanent, confidential case file at GFWC Headquarters.

Who are the GFWC Mediators?

GFWC Mediators serve a three-year term and are selected from a pool of applicants on the basis of their experience not only in GFWC but also in the areas of education, law, counseling, and conflict management. GFWC Mediators may not serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the period they serve as mediators.
J. Lynn Cline
Miriam Costilow
Joyce Hooper
Katie McGuigan
Kelly Paul
Judith Shepp


January 19

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