GFWC Program Workshops

Jun 26 2022
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CTRL

Communications and PR

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About
Presenters: GFWC 2022–2024 Communications and Public
Relations Committee

Grand Salon

This workshop will start with an icebreaker—much like the old game of “telephone”—showing how important it is to make sure any communications are clear and concise. Then we will focus on making sure clubwomen are comfortable with promoting their clubs or GFWC in general as much as possible. We plan to use the Kahoot App and use it as a teaching tool—working with words/phrases to promote GFWC on a regular basis.

We talked about using a QR code to bring attendees right to the Kahoot App. This will be an interactive workshop, and anyone can attend even if they don’t download the app. Expanding on promoting the brand, there will be discussion about using the GFWC emblem and club logos on any communications. Another section will talk about the #IamGFWC hashtag—and how to use that to raise awareness about our organization.

Community Service Programs Workshops

Connecting with Communities through Service
Presenters: GFWC 2022-2024 CSP Chairmen, Jolie Frankfurth, Facilitator

Grand Ballroom C+D

This interactive workshop teams up Community Service Program groups to create paths for impactful community projects. Participate in the fun and learn ways in which community service projects help to create lasting community outcomes, build membership, and give strength to the GFWC volunteer organization.


Online Fundraising, Ignite the Change
Presenters: GFWC 2022-2024 Fundraising and Development Committee

Grand Salon

We will review some dos and don’ts about fundraising, especially online, give ideas for successful fundraisers that have been adapted to be held online and then demo a fundraiser. We hope to give out “play” money and do a little bit of the fundraiser at our workshop.

Junior Special Program

Brighten a Day with Advocates for Children
Presenter: Katie Moydell, Director of Junior Clubs

Grand Salon

This workshop will include information about the Top 10 Projects for Advocates for Children, Advocates for Children Week, and the Community Impact Project for Advocates. There will be discussion on the Community Impact Project and how to make the most out of what you do for the community and children. It’s time for new ideas and brainstorming during the workshop, too!


Everyone Is a Leader Every Day
Presenters: GFWC 2022–2024 Leadership Committee

Grand Salon

Everyone possesses qualities of leadership because everyone is a leader. Learn seven skills of everyday leadership that you possess or can develop. Specific tools from the Leadership Toolkit in the Member Portal will also be shared, along with tips for using these tools to enhance and build skills of leaders within your clubs and your state.

Legislation/Public Policy

Together We Are Going on a Hunt
Presenters: GFWC 2022–2024 Legislation/Public Policy Committee

Grand Salon

Advocacy means taking action to support those in need. By participating in the Legislative/Public Policy Scavenger Hunt, members, clubs, and State Federations can step out of their comfort zone by making connections with local, state, and federal-elected officials while having fun and promoting GFWC.


“Digging for Diamonds” Membership Engagement
Presenters: GFWC 2022-2024 Membership Committee

Grand Ballroom C+D

The focus of the Membership Workshop will be on Membership Engagement, the ongoing interaction between the member and the club. While we all want new members to join our clubs, the more crucial challenge is the outflow of members leaving our clubs. Building relationships with club members helps add value not only to clubs, but also to the members’ lives—helping them to never doubt their importance and role they play in your club. Retaining engaged, happy members is the key to membership.

We will be presenting four sections following our theme of “Digging for Gems:”

  • Preparing for the “Dig-Member” Orientation Packets.
  • Follow your Map – increasing awareness to your club.
  • Start your “Dig”— educating, mentoring, and building a positive proactive and fun environment for all members.
  • Polish your Diamonds. Communication is the key to drive and retain membership.

Signature Program

Raise Awareness, Stop the Traffic
Presenters: GFWC 2022-2024 Signature Program Committee

Grand Salon

Parallel with Hope for Justice, this interactive workshop will focus on how GFWC can help aid in rescuing victims, empowering people to protect themselves and their families, working with survivors to rebuild their lives, and reforming society by training professionals to spot the signs of trafficking. Presenters will share numerous project ideas along with their 2022-2024 Administration goals for the Signature Program’s Community Connection Initiative.

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