GFWC Business Session (Tuesday)

Jun 28 2022
10:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Thought of the Day: Debbie Fiore, GFWC Connecticut President
Final Credentials Report: Lisa Hedrick, Credentials Chairman

2020-2022 Officer Reports
Deb Strahanoski, President-elect
Suellen Brazil, First Vice President
Wendy Carriker, Second Vice President
Jolie Frankfurth, Secretary
Mary Beth Williams, Treasurer
Proposed Changes to the GFWC Resolutions: Sheila E. Shea, Chairman

Awards: Second Vice President, Wendy Carriker
National Club Certificates of Appreciation: Wendy Carriker, Second Vice President
Charlotte Emerson Brown, Suellen Brazil, First Vice President
Communications and Public Relations: Karyn Charvat, Chairman
Website Contest
Newsletter Contest

Leadership: Shannon Bailey, Chairman
Membership: Becky Wright, Chairman
Invitation to the 2023 GFWC Convention: Susette Redwine 2022-2024 Kentucky President and Kentucky Clubwoman
Junior Pledge: Dusty Smith, GFWC West Virginia Director of Junior Clubs
Collect: Carol Jarvais, GFWC Maine President
Singing of Let There Be Peace on Earth: Teresa Sanford-Shipplett, GFWC Illinois President

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