GFWC Business Session (Saturday a.m.)

Jun 25 2022
9:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CTRL

Processional: Announced by Jackie Boland, Special Assistant to the President

Call to Order: Marian St.Clair, International President

Presentation of Colors:

Singing of The Star-Spangled Banner: Shelby Holland, GFWC Georgia President

    Accompanied by: Emily Smith, Music Chairman

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, Led by: Lois Black Buzhardt, President’s Assistant

Thought for the Day: Suzanne Raymond, Croly Laureate

Welcome: Cathie Ryan, South Central Region President

Response: Susette Redwine and Kaylan Turner, 2022-2024 Kentucky President and Director

Greetings: Jolie Frankfurth, Secretary

Introductions: Marian St.Clair, International President

Presentation of International Delegates: Mary Kaye Ernest, International Liaisons Chairman

Speaker: Welcome to New Orleans–City Attorney Donesia D. Turner

Preliminary Credentials Report: Lisa Hedrick, Credentials Chairman

Announcement of the Committee to Approve the Minutes of the Convention

Appointment of Tellers and Timekeepers

Tellers: Barbara Whitaker, Bobbi Caley, Carolyn Forbes, Nancy Jones

Timekeepers: Elaine Brickman, Mary Ann Arnold, Loretta Caron, Bridget Murphy

Presentation of Convention Rules: Ida Dorvee, Parliamentarian
Presentation of the Convention Program: Laurie O’Kelly, Convention and Meetings Chairman

Proposed Amendments to the GFWC Bylaws: Carol Habgood, Chairman

Proposed Changes to the GFWC Resolutions: Sheila E. Shea, Chairman

Introduction of Speaker: Karen Martinek, Environment CSP Chairman

Speaker: Carol Reese, Horticulturist, Writer, and Speaker

Capital Campaign Report: Mary Jo Thomas, Chairman

Fundraising Report: Sandy Phillips, Chairman

Announcements: Laurie O’Kelly, Convention and Meetings Chairman

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