News & Notes: August 13, 2020



August 13, 2020

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Open Your Budget Books Tomorrow 

by Mary Beth Williams, GFWC Treasurer

Tomorrow, August 14, is National Financial Awareness Day, a good reminder that a club budget should be revisited before each club year begins. The Executive Committee (or Board of Directors, depending on club rules) should prepare a balanced budget for the financial year ahead. Typically, the President, Treasurer, and other officers meet for a planning session. The estimated needs of each Program and Committee, plus any special events, should be considered. The best guide for an accurate estimate is often the final financial statement from the previous year, which shows the most recent income and expenses. The chief financial officer, usually the club Treasurer, is responsible for developing the budget and reviewing it throughout the year.

Any budget is an estimate, at best, and adjustments may be required during the year. Constant observation of budgeted amounts compared with actual expenses will keep the club in good financial order. Any variation from an adopted budget should immediately be brought to the attention of the full Board of Directors. If an adjustment is required, the budget should be kept in balance, bringing expected expenses in line with income, and it should have full Board approval.  

Back by Popular Demand: Summer Webinars

GFWC’s summer webinar series is back! All six webinars will be offered again, starting with the sessions on Leadership and Legislation/Public Policy. Registration closes at noon EDT on August 28 for the Leadership, Legislation/Public Policy, and Communications webinars, so don’t miss out! Even if you aren’t sure of your schedule, register through the GFWC Member Portal now so that you have access to webinar recordings at a later date.

Members who registered for one or more webinars during the initial offering will be sent a link on September 1 that will enable them to view those specific webinars again, without registering a second time. 

Building Your Leadership Toolkit

September 1, 7 p.m. EDT

Want more tools to lead, influence, and encourage others, especially in these challenging times? Come learn how leadership incorporates both personal enrichment and the development of others. Meet our GFWC Leadership Honorary Chairman, get excited about the online Leadership Toolkit, and create a blueprint–what will you build with the right tools? Let’s get to work–together!

Gathering Facts & Working for Change—Legislation/Public Policy Activity in an Election Year

September 2, 7 p.m. EDT

This four-topic webinar with Legislation/Public Policy Chairman, Vicky Ann Trimmer and her committee will introduce clubwomen to the following topics:

Rock the Vote

Voting registration drives, candidates’ forums, working the polls, ride sharing, and vote by mail registration campaigns will be covered.

Advocacy Do’s & Don’ts 

No need to panic. Learn what is permitted to be done by a 501(c)(3) organization. 

Celebrate the Vote

Remember the 100th Anniversary of women getting the right to vote by encouraging women to vote.

How to Utilize the Legislative Action Center 

Support your efforts and educate GFWC clubwomen.

Register today for these two webinars by logging in to the GFWC Member Portal, as well as the four other webinars taking place September 3–9: Communications 101, Juniors’ Special Program, Hats Off to Membership, and GFWC Signature Program. Once registered, you’ll receive an email confirmation at the address attached to your Member Portal profile. For the best experience, please do not forward your registration to others; it corresponds specifically to your email address.

Volunteers in Action

This week’s Volunteers in Action story serves as inspiration to never lose sight of a project’s mission, even during uncertain times. Member Martha Stone of the Cartersville Woman’s Club (Georgia) just finished sewing her 1,000th dress for girls in need. Read the GFWC Blog for the full story.

Have a story to tell about how your club has kept successful projects going while following local social distancing guidelines? Share it with us by emailing

New Club Manual Section: Honorary Chairmen

GFWC is pleased to introduce its 2020–2022 Honorary Chairmen, whose expertise will bring new and innovative ideas to their respective areas. Learn about Honorary Chairmen Jane Jenkins Herlong (Education), John T. Broderick, Jr. (Health and Wellness), Kristin Martinez (Leadership), and Jenny McGee (Signature Program) by visiting the digital library of the GFWC Member Portal. 

The individual Honorary Chairmen section is available in the “Club Manual” root folder filed under “C” Resources. Alternately, the updated entire Club Manual is available as one PDF document in its own sub-folder of the “Club Manual” folder.

Log in to the GFWC Member Portal today! 

Suffrage Month Celebrations Calendar

It’s National Women’s Suffrage Month! Join GFWC in continuing to celebrate the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s adoption by bookmarking This website has a calendar of observances throughout the month of August that honor the women and men who fought for equality at the ballot box. 

The First State Allowing Women to Vote

Where could women first vote in the United States? Wyoming! On January 27, 1920, the state officially voted to ratify the 19th Amendment. Just seven months later, the Amendment officially secured its place as law. However, by 1920, the women of Wyoming had already been exercising their right to vote for 51 years.

The Wyoming Suffrage Act was passed in 1869, when Wyoming was still a United States Territory. While the passage was due in part to well-meaning politicians that believed in women’s right to the vote, it was also the result of mixed motivations. 

Following the Civil War, suffrage for women and for black men became a political battle, which erupted in western states and territories. Then in October 1869, three male legislators passed resolutions guaranteeing male and female teachers would be paid equally and that women’s property rights would be separate from their husband’s. These resolutions were in addition to granting women the ability to vote!

The legislators were hopeful that the progressive laws would win the territory good publicity and attract more women settlers to Wyoming. They also aspired to encourage women in the territory to continue to vote for the Democratic Party. However, they also believed the progressive Governor John Campbell would find the resolutions a step too far and veto them. Governor Campbell signed the bill into law on December 10, 1869.

How is your club celebrating National Women’s Suffrage Month? Share your stories with to be considered for the GFWC Blog.

Coming This Fall: GFWC Leadership Toolkit

GFWC will release its Leadership Toolkit this fall, a comprehensive resource that is the result of innovative leadership initiatives generated by the GFWC Strategic Planning Committee in 2019. Developed by the 2020-2022 Leadership Committee and other current leaders, the toolkit will include resources on personal development, leadership development of members, and tools for club, District, and State Federation leaders.

Until then, please review the Leadership Advancement Plan of the Club Manual, filed under “C” Resources in the digital library of the GFWC Member Portal

Marketplace: Administration Pin  

The 2020–2022 Administration Pin is now available! Join this Administration in lighting a path toward the future with this pin featuring a rising sun, a symbol of new beginnings. The front features raised surfaces and vibrant colors and the back is magnetic for your convenience. Celebrate the start of the 2020–2022 Administration and order your pin in GFWC Marketplace

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