News & Notes – December 13, 2018

Holiday Open House

It was International President Mary Ellen Brock’s first time opening the doors of 1734 N Street for GFWC’s annual Holiday Open House, and she was so happy to welcome clubwomen, partners, family, and friends into her new home for the Administration.

The event is always a wonderful chance for clubwomen to come together for an afternoon of merriment. This year, even those who couldn’t make it were there in spirit thanks to the Christmas trees sent to Headquarters from almost every State Federation. From trees made of corks or shells to trees with their own lights, each one was a delightful decoration. Take a look at them on our Pinterest page!

Once again, Music Chairman Emily Smith traveled all the way from Alabama to grace guests with her beautiful piano playing. The new tree at Headquarters was donated by GFWC New Jersey and was gorgeously decorated by the President’s Special Assistants. The holiday spirit was alive and well, and we hope you can all join us again next year!

Capital Campaign Update!

We’re halfway through our Capital Campaign, and we’ve already raised over $65,000 during this Administration, but we still need your help! Projects to address plumbing and electrical issues are already underway, and we’re just getting started on upgrading our fire and security systems. Our Federation home needs some tender-loving care to maintain its beauty and integrity as these projects are just the beginning of our restoration efforts.

We’ve enjoyed our historic Headquarters for almost 100 years, but it will take work to ensure we can celebrate it for the next 100 years. Our home at 1734 N Street, NW houses our collective history and stands as a monument to our tremendous accomplishments. Please remember the Capital Campaign in your year-end gift-giving, every contribution helps us to protect, preserve, and share our incredible story.

Cares & Concerns

Our condolences to GFWC Washington Past State President Cheryl Holman (2006-2008), whose husband Cliff passed away on December 10.

Volunteers in Action

The Mohawk Valley Women’s Club (New York), GFWC Seward Women’s Club (Nebraska), GFWC Achieving by Reading Club (Missouri), and Wake Forest Woman’s Club (North Carolina) are featured on GFWC’s Blog.

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RSVP for Women’s History Month Event

Join us for the Women’s History and Resource Center’s annual Women’s History Month Event! The event will be held on March 7 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Our featured speaker will be Marci Reaven, VP for History Exhibitions at the New York Historical Society (NYHS). Marci will speak about the NYHS’s upcoming exhibit Hudson Rising: 1825–2025. RSVP by February 14 to WHRC Manager Alyssa Constad at

Violet, a Brownie who led the pledge at LEADS, led her troop’s presentation of the colors at the Summer Institute’s Opening Ceremony. Here, she is with Second Vice President Suellen Brazil, holding her “script” of leading the flag ceremony.

State President Project: Georgia, Tina Daniel

Georgia State President Tina Daniel selected a project to connect GFWC with future generations; partnering with the Girl Scouts was a natural fit. Both organizations were founded by women of vision, determination, fortitude, and perseverance. They also have common values of faith, civic engagement, environmental causes, and leadership. Both instill a sense of unity and community among women working together with wide interests and common goals.

The project’s goal is to assist the Girl Scouts in developing a strong sense of self, displaying positive values, learning from challenges and setbacks, developing healthy relationships, and identifying and solving problems in the community. GFWC Georgia can develop a mutually cooperative relationship to benefit both organizations with membership recruitment now and in the future, and help young Girl Scouts with leadership and volunteerism through club projects. The Specials Project Chairmen and Public Issues Community Service Program Chairmen will evaluate clubwomen’s reports to determine if troop involvement or monetary donations increased. Members will have opportunities to earn badges just like Girl Scouts.

At GFWC Georgia’s Summer Institute, the guest lunch speaker was a senior Girl Scout and troops led the pledge at opening ceremonies. The Girl Scouts also had a booth and GFWC members could donate (and earn a badge).

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MLK Day of Service Idea

Outfits of Love

The GFWC Woman’s Club of Antioch (California) collected professional clothing for individuals in need. They collected 77 outfits, including purses, shoes, coats, pants, blouses, dresses, scarves, belts, and hair clips. The project grew until a
total of 1,500 business attire outfits were collected! Club members provided gift cards and notes to go along with the donations, so ladies were able to shop for the outfit that best suited them. This MLK Day of Service, host a professional clothing drive so members of your community who need them can dress for success. The project was listed in the GFWC Top 10 Projects.

Dr. Seuss Facts

In honor of the Dr. Seuss Initiative, we’re going to learn a little more about him. In 1959, he was the highest paid author in the world! Keep an eye out for our fun Dr. Seuss facts and don’t forget to use our labels when you donate books!

Croly Award

Applying for the Croly Award is even easier now that we accept online submissions! Share the application with journalists you know who cover issues concerning women.

GFWC Marketplace: Christmas Ornament

If you didn’t make it to our Holiday Open House, there’s still time to get a GFWC Ornament for the holidays! The ornament features hand-blown glass and a holiday themed GFWC logo, and it comes in its own presentation box! Now available for $12 in the GFWC Marketplace. It makes the perfect gift for yourself and fellow club members.

Please note: any items you want in time for Christmas should be ordered by December 17!

Parliamentary Pointers: Electronic Meetings

by GFWC Parliamentarian Deen J. Meloro, RP

There has been a great deal of interest in conducting occasional “electronic meetings;” that is, a meeting held by telephone, internet, or video conferencing, rather than all participating members being present in one room or area. However, these meetings must be delineated in your bylaws and must provide, at the very least, conditions allowing for simultaneous aural communication among all members. If this is available, then a meeting held this way is treated like any other meeting. Motions can be passed, assuming a quorum is participating, and information can be shared.

Before deciding if this is a good idea, you must consider the size of the group that would be involved. This might be a terrific opportunity for a small committee, especially one whose members do not live in close proximity. However, if you have a thirty-member group, how is the presiding officer going to recognize who speaks next? No matter what size the group is, what if not all the members have access to the equipment needed for the meeting? There must be rules relating to:

  • The type of equipment or computer software required for participation in meetings, whether the organization must provide such equipment or software, and contingencies for technical difficulties of malfunctions.
  • How to determine the presence of a quorum.
  • Methods for seeking recognition and obtaining the floor.
  • Means by which motions may be submitted in writing during a meeting.
  • Methods for taking and verifying votes.

One way to put this in your bylaws would be a provision that reads, “The Board, the Executive Committee, and all committees are authorized to meet by electronic communication media as long as the members may simultaneously hear each other and participate in the meeting. Sufficient notice must be given to enable a quorum to participate. Members may vote by electronic communication media in emergency situations. A report of any action taken via electronic communication media shall be verified and made a part of the next meeting of the Board, Executive Committee, or the committee.”

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