News & Notes – December 5, 2019

Only 211 MLK Day Projects Left to Organize

Light up the GFWC brand on January 20, 2020 by helping the 2018–2020 Administration reach its goal to organize 1,000 projects for the Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Day of Service. Take advantage of these last few weeks before the holidays to solidify the focus and agenda of your club’s MLK Day project, as well as the time, place, and how you’ll work with existing partnerships in your community. The earlier these details are determined and fleshed out, the better chance your club has of attracting reporters to attend your club’s community service event. Visit the digital library (under “P”) exclusively available to GFWC members after logging into the Portal to download our press release template.

Haven’t started planning yet?
Combing through 2019 Top Projects lists will instantly give your club a number of project ideas. There’s something for every interest and club size in these lists which are a curated from State Award and Club Creativity entries. Or, reflect on a past community service project that was effective in recruiting new members. Refresh or re imagine it for MLK Day! Who wouldn’t want to join a club full of excited members who are proudly wearing their GFWC apparel?

Let’s make an even bigger splash for the 2020 MLK Day of Service than last year. With your volunteer spirit, the 2019 total of 789 service projects can be surpassed! We can’t wait to receive your recaps of MLK Day successes for GFWC’s Blog!

Volunteers in Action

The domestic violence awareness and prevention work of nine GFWC Illinois clubs is featured on GFWC’s Blog, including GFWC Joliet Junior Woman’s Club, Darien Woman’s Club, GFWC Indian Head Park Woman’s Club, Woman’s Club of Greater Belleville, Plainfield Junior Woman’s Club, Morris Woman’s Club, GFWC Macomb Woman’s Club, Morgan Park Woman’s Club, Effingham Women of Today, and Geneseo Woman’s Club. GFWC New Jersey and GFWC Woman’s League of the Lowcountry (South Carolina) are also highlighted on the blog for hosting a tea party for women veterans and collecting 1,000 stockings for service members.

Read and comment on all of these activities! And if you have your own success story to tell, email

Administration Planning Begins for 2020-2022

More than 150 incoming 2020–2022 leaders convened in Arlington, Virginia to learn more about leading the Federation and plan for the upcoming two years. President-elect Marian St.Clair led this Board Orientation from November 14–17 on Lighting the Future throughout her Administration.

Incoming leaders were welcomed with a reception at GFWC Headquarters, hosted by International President Mary Ellen Brock. Thanks to President Brock’s Special Assistants, our historic home is decorated with a dazzling Christmas tree and other beautiful holiday décor. Rebecca Boggs Roberts, author of Suffragists in Washington, D.C., gave a keynote address on how the Great Suffrage Parade put the nation’s capital on the map for civil rights marches. Roberts discussed the heroic steps that the National Woman’s Party took in earning the right to vote.

The next generation of GFWC Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS) graduates also met for LEADS 201 during Board Orientation. Shannon Bailey, 2020–2022 GFWC Leadership Chairman, introduced the program and how it will prepare attendees to assume leadership positions in GFWC beyond the club level.

We look forward to another strong two years of community service and volunteer leadership!

Receive Proposed Resolutions Changes by Mail 

Ensure you receive the 2020 Spring Clubwoman Magazine, which contains the proposed changes to GFWC’s Resolutions in the 2020 Call to Convention. Log in to the GFWC Member Portal to confirm that your mailing address is correct. If you’re not already subscribing to GFWC Clubwoman Magazine, sign up for a one-year subscription online instantly! After logging in, go to the Marketplace tab and then select “Education Add-Ons.” A one-year Clubwoman subscription should then be the only option on the next page.

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Maximize Your Contribution!

Did you know that GFWC is able to receive donations of stock? You can maximize your contribution to GFWC and reap some well-deserved tax benefits for yourself by donating your appreciated stock. A direct transfer of appreciated stock is significantly greater than if you were to sell the shares and donate the proceeds. Donating your stock allows you to avoid paying the capital gains tax —a benefit even for those who don’t itemize. And many states no longer allow for the deduction of capital gains taxes on your state returns!

To apply these benefits to the current tax year, stock transfers must be completed by December 31. Be sure to speak with your broker to learn if this is the right giving option for you. To make a stock donation to GFWC, please contact Metou Ba, GFWC’s Director of Finance, today!

Preserve the Voices of GFWC’c Past

The WHRC would like to digitize its 341-piece Oral History Collection so that generations to come can hear the actual voices of clubwomen throughout GFWC’s history sharing their stories. Login to the GFWC Member Portal to donate online.

Shot@Life Update

Thank you for another hugely successful Race to Erase activation! Over the past six weeks, Shot@Life champions and supporters from all over the country, including numerous GFWC clubs and members, surpassed goals and made an impact on Congressional offices. To find out more and learn what’s already been accomplished, please visit:

The application for the Shot@Life 2020 Champion Summit is now live! To find out more and to apply by the December 31, 2019 deadline, visit: When you apply, remember to email Shot@Life about ways you and your club have previously engaged with the campaign, including any advocacy actions in this most recent Race to Erase. Email Shot@Life any questions.

Operation Smile’s Amazon Wish List

The increasing costs for shipping child life therapy and medical record supplies around the world is a growing concern. GFWC Partner Operation Smile is currently hosting a drive for supplies through its Amazon Wish List. Operation Smile has carefully curated this list to ensure items in the most need for its missions are included, which is eligible for free shipping through Amazon Prime.

Visit Operation Smile’s Wish List now. Be sure to select a gift receipt so that your club is properly recognized.

State Director’s Project: Florida, Shannon Bailey

GFWC Florida Book Heroes is the project focus created by GFWC Florida Director of Junior Clubs Shannon Bailey. The emphasis is to donate books to children and families who may not have books at home. Studies confirm that children with access to books of their own do better on standardized testing and better in school overall. Reading together improves family relationships and feelings of belonging, and a love of reading is a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Florida clubwomen were asked to donate new and gently-used books to children and families through book giveaways at community events and baskets at laundromats, daycare centers, and public service centers. One district’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity to provide books to client families for their new homes was expanded statewide. Many clubs have built Little Free Libraries that they continue to stock. Classrooms and schools have been adopted and a Scholastic Book Fair was held at both GFWC Florida Fall Board meetings; the free books earned from sales went to schools nominated by District Directors and Junior District Directors.

The statewide response to Book Heroes has been enthusiastic and overwhelming. Women’s Clubs, Junior Clubs, and Juniorettes have all gotten involved in book donation projects, often working together. Shannon’s goal for two years was 20,000 books donated, and reporting from 2018 alone added up to more than 31,000 books given to Florida families by the GFWC Florida Book Heroes. And what fun that Book Heroes coincided with GFWC International President Mary Ellen Brock’s Dr. Seuss Grand Initiative!

Parliamentary Pointers
by GFWC Parliamentarian Deen J. Meloro

There sometimes comes a time when a club doesn’t feel it can continue. Under those circumstances, many clubs notify all members and then call for a vote. This may be incorrect. Check to see if your state has a minimum size for a club. In my state, that number is four. If you were a member of my state and you had four or more people who wanted the club to continue, then those who did not want to continue would resign their membership. The four members who wanted the club to continue would keep the club going. Even if forty members want the club to fold and only four want it to continue, the club can continue.

If your club does intend to fold, it is important to remember that no assets of the club can go to individual members. If your club has been recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal

Revenue Code, then all assets must go to other 501(c)(3) organizations or the local, state, or federal government. If your club does not have this designation, it is free to give its assets to any charity based on a member vote. Members may certainly keep sentimental objects such as scrapbooks, yearbooks, photographs, and other items of that type. If no member wants items like old minutes, scrapbooks, etc., your local library or historical society may welcome them. Money held in any bank account––the proceeds of the sale of a clubhouse, a silver tea set, etc.––must be given away.
Before your club takes an important step like voting to end the club, someone should contact a district officer or the state membership chairman who may be able to offer some ideas.

GFWC Marketplace: Holiday Shopping

It’s time for holiday shopping and there are lots of ways to show that special Federation sister that you care. Whether it’s a holiday ornament or one of the many apparel or accessory options available, GFWC Marketplace is your one-stop shop for making this season merry and bright. Place your order by December 13 to ensure there’s time for your gift to arrive and be wrapped!