News & Notes – December 6, 2018

GFWC Marketplace: New Items

New GFWC items are available just in time for the holidays! The GFWC Credit Card Wallet is perfect for grab and go shopping sprees. The GFWC Drawstring Bag is transparent and is the perfect accessory for stadiums, parades, and that last minute volunteer event.

The GFWC Mirror can be easily stored in your purse or pocket and makes checking your makeup before the holiday party a breeze! And, there’s no better place to store that makeup than in the GFWC Makeup Bag, perfectly sized for travel. Finally, don’t forget to grab your copy of the 2019 Year in Pictures Desk Calendar to have something beautiful and functional for your home, office, or club space.

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GFWC Executive Committee Prepares Donations

At GFWC Headquarters this week, the GFWC Executive Committee prepared nearly 250 Dr. Seuss books for donation by placing a “Donated by GFWC” sticker on each one and categorizing the books by grade! Pictured is GFWC International President Mary Ellen Brock reading Oh, the Places You’ll Go to GFWC First Vice President Deb Strahanoski, GFWC Secretary Wendy Carriker, GFWC Treasurer Jolie Frankfurth, and GFWC Director of Junior Clubs Trisha Schafer. Dr. Seuss’ work has a tremendous impact on the education of American children, not to mention their enjoyment of reading. He even received a Pulitzer Prize in 1984 for his contributions to children’s literature. With your Dr. Seuss book donations, another generation of children can experience that same impact and joy.

Volunteers in Action

The Westminster Woman’s Club (Maryland), the Upper Allen Woman’s Club GFWC (Pennsylvania), and the GFWC Florida District 8 are featured on GFWC’s Blog.

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Thank You Tuesday

Throughout December, GFWC would like to hear about the gifts––big or small––that the Federation has given you this year. Share these gifts on GFWC’s Facebook Page, @GFWCMembers by participating in GFWC’s Thank You Tuesday Campaign. This month’s theme is “The Gift of Membership” so start spreading some holiday cheer by reflecting on the kind of presents that are not found in a store.

Success for Survivors Scholarship

Continue to spread the word that GFWC’s Success for Survivors Scholarship application is open until February 1, 2019. The scholarship provides survivors of intimate partner violence with financial support as they seek higher education. Find ways to let your community know about this opportunity!

Remembering George H.W. Bush

Former President George H.W. Bush died on November 30. GFWC remembers him for his participation in one of the organization’s most important moments. In 1984, when he was serving as Vice President, he cut the ceremonial ribbon of the GFWC Women’s History and Resource Center and dedicated it at a gala event. He was accompanied by GFWC International President Juanita Bryant. As he cut the ribbon, he remarked, “This center we dedicate here today will help us record the triumphs of thousands of women over social injustice and inhumanity. May it, in turn, encourage and inspire multitudes more to do the hard and constant work of turning this fragile planet of ours into a more humane and gentle world.”

Sixteen Louisiana clubwomen participated in Parliamentary Procedural Training from Alison Wallis, PRP and National Association of Parliamentarians Board Member.

State President Project: Louisiana, Lucinda Martinez

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Louisiana, Inc. is Celebrating the Past, Living the Spirit, and Growing Gardens for Our Tomorrows during the 2018-2020 Administration. Clubwomen are embracing Unity in Diversity and extending invitations to other organizations to participate in presentations that GFWC Louisiana is hosting, such as Parliamentary Procedural Training. Clubwomen can take the exam during the 2018 Summer Retreat to become a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians.

Celebrating the Past recognizes Louisiana clubwomen and their years of membership and volunteerism with GFWC pins, state certificates, and letters of commendation for their dedication and unity working in communities. The state newsletter will spotlight a past state clubwoman’s volunteerism and contributions toward the future of Louisiana’s Federation. Each issue will feature the clubwoman’s dedication to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others. The first honoree is Flavia Mims, Past Louisiana State President (1950-1952). She established an annual educational scholarship bearing her name which is divided evenly among all GFWC Louisiana districts.

The Tomorrows in Louisiana are looking brighter as clubs welcome new clubwomen, who inspire volunteerism in our communities. Clubs are expanding, with one already gaining 15 new members. Louisiana clubwomen will celebrate the 120th State Convention on April 26, 2019 and see many new blossoms growing in the state garden. They will help lead the way in celebrating GFWC’s diversity and contributions to greater possibilities of tomorrows.

MLK Day of Service Idea

Operation Smile’s Stuffed Animal Drive

The GFWC Women’s Club of Odessa, Inc. (Delaware) supported Operation Smile and used Facebook to put a call out to the community for stuffed animals. Their goal was to collect 200, but thanks to the Facebook community, they were able to collect 360 to send to Operation Smile for an upcoming mission. This club reached and surpassed their goal by using social media to help them achieve their goal. Create a Facebook event for MLK Day to have a stuffed animal drive in your community.The project was listed in the GFWC Top 10 Projects.

Reminder: Member Profiles

Don’t forget that you have the chance to share with us an inspiring clubwoman in your life! By nominating her to be considered as a Featured Member on the GFWC website, you can show off a Federation Sister who deserves it. Submit a list of her key accomplishments, and anything else you think might be important to recognize her, to

Parliamentary Pointers: Debate, Cont.

by GFWC Parliamentarian Deen J. Meloro, RP

When a member stands to speak, her remarks must be germane to the “question,” the topic being debated. That is, remarks must have bearing on whether the immediate pending motion should be adopted. It is germane for a member, when recognized, to move to amend the main motion. If there is a second, the amendment becomes the immediately pending motion and must be adopted or rejected before discussion returns to the original motion. If the proposed amendment has been adopted, the motion that is under discussion is the previous motion, as amended.

A member can condemn the natured or likely consequences of the proposed motion but under no circumstances can a member attack or question the motives of another member. It is the proposed motion that is the subject of debate, not another member.  If a member believes that something said is false, that term should not be used. “I believe there is strong evidence that the member is mistaken” is much more appropriate.

During debate, other members should not be addressed by name. A speaker can refer to “the member who spoke last” or “the delegate from Bergen County” or “the Recording Secretary.”

All remarks are addressed to the chair/presiding officer; not to another member. If another member has a question for the member who is speaking, the member desiring to ask the question should rise and address the chair, asking for permission to ask the question. The speaker does not have to choose to answer, because this question/answer is taken from the speaker’s time.

A member cannot speak against her own motion. She can vote against it, or ask the assembly for permission to withdraw the motion.

All members must refrain from disturbing the assembly such as by whispering or walking around. The key here is “disturbing the assembly.” Certainly members can come and go during debate if necessary, but the presiding officer can ask one or more members to stop whispering, stop distributing papers, or any other activity that she deems disturbing.

If the presiding officer feels so strongly about an issue that she wishes to speak in debate, or feels she has information crucial to the discussion, she must relinquish the chair to the highest ranking vice-president who has not spoken on the question. After discussion, the presiding officer who relinquished the chair must not return to it until the question has been disposed of.

There are some motions which are not debatable, but all main motions, those that bring business before the assembly, are debatable.

GFWC Marketplace: WHRC Collections Book

The proceeds from your purchase of the second edition of Rising to Light by Higher Things goes directly back to the Women’s History and Resource Center! You can learn about GFWC’s history and support the preservation of it at the same time. Get your copy for $15 in the GFWC Marketplace!

Club Anniversaries and Gold Pin Recipients



Brown Deer Junior Woman’s Club (Wisconsin)


GFWC Grundy Woman’s Club (Virginia)


GFWC Woman’s Club of Dunbar (West Virginia)

GFWC Fowler Progress Club (Colorado)

GFWC-MFWC New Century Club of Calhoun City (Mississippi)


The Woman’s Club of Clayton (North Carolina)


GFWC Woman’s Club of Ocala, Inc. (Florida)

Gold Pin Recipients

Laura Cartwright
Woman’s Club of Booneville (Mississippi)

Roberta Kane
GFWC Charlotte (Michigan)

Robin Volk, Joan Carroll
GFWC Women’s Civic League of Cheyenne (Wyoming)

Dorothy Wahlers
Edenton Woman’s Club (North Carolina)

Beverly Smith
GFWC Hastings Women’s Club (Michigan)

Pearl Wilson
GFWC Intermediate League of Butler (Pennsylvania)

Gail Kelly
GFWC Mocksville Woman’s Club (North Carolina)

Peggy Gallery
GFWC Pleasant Prairie Woman’s Club (Wisconsin)

Peggy Westhoff
Presque Isle Woman’s Club (Pennsylvania)

Barbara Reinhardt, Florence Diorio, Nereen Thorwarth
Woman’s Club of Vineland (New Jersey)

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