News & Notes – February 28, 2019

Convention Registration Opens Tomorrow

It’s the most exciting time of the year: the countdown to convention! Registration for the 2019 GFWC Annual Convention in Austin, Texas opens tomorrow. The Call to Convention will be in the Spring issue of Clubwoman Magazine which is arriving in mailboxes soon. You can also find details on our Annual Convention page.

The earlier you register the better. Not only will it set you at ease and give you time to prepare, but you can secure the early bird rate if you register by April 15. Additionally, you can book your tour before space fills up. Our tours—Day in Waco, Texas History, and Zip Lining—are varied to meet everyone’s interests!

For registration assistance, email Events Manager Jennifer Simpson or call her directly at 202-628-2478.

Last Call for Read Across America

It’s almost March 2, Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America Day! Ever since the announcement of the Dr. Seuss Grand Initiative last year, clubs have generously donated Dr. Seuss books to children in need. Read Across America Day is a celebration in Dr. Seuss’ honor to instill the love of reading in children, whether that means giving them access to books or reading to them in a zany costume.

Whatever your plans for the day are, don’t let your efforts go unnoticed!

  • Post your event on Facebook.
  • Promote your success by sending a press release to your local media.
  • Share your success stories with for a chance to be featured as a Volunteer in Action.

Publicizing your Read Across America Day plans or results will encourage your community to join in the fun or even join your club to be part of future service projects. If you didn’t plan something this year, it’s not too late to participate. Join a scheduled event near you.

Submit to GFWC’s Photography Contests

GFWC has three photography contests: the World in Pictures (categories: Living Things, Scenes, Still Life), GFWC Volunteers in Action, and A Year in Pictures. Read these reminders of submission requirements.

  • The high quality 8×10″ mounted photo must have been taken between January 1 and December 31 (no mattes, frames or hangers).
  • Labels must be affixed to the back with contest name, a title and caption, photographer’s name, address, phone number, club, state and an arrow that indicates the top of the photo.
  • The photo entries for The World in Pictures and GFWC Volunteers in Action are submitted according to state guidelines.
  • The Year in Pictures Contest entries are submitted directly to GFWC by active clubs.

Submit photos accompanied by a Creative Arts Waiver by May 15, 2019. All entries should be submitted to ATTN: GFWC Photography Contest at 1734 N Street NW Washington, DC 20036-2990.

Curator’s Corner

The WHRC recently received a call from a concerned friend of a former clubwoman who sewed a bicentennial quilt in 1976. Years ago, GFWC Rhode Island sent it to Headquarters where it is still prominently on display. Its maker is suffering from degenerative eyesight and is close to losing her vision. She told her friend she hoped to see the quilt displayed while she still has her sight. We were enthralled to fulfill her wish.

Quilting has played a vital role in GFWC clubs around the world. The WHRC currently has 6 quilts in its collection, both on display and in storage. Many clubs still inquire about donating their quilts or call to ask how to best preserve them. Here are some quick preservation tips for your club’s quilts or textiles:

  1. Avoid the sun! Long-term exposure to the light causes fading. If the quilt is in a sunny spot, rotate it every 3-4 months and store it in a cool, dark, and dry area for an equal amount of time.
  2. When rotating your quilts into storage, store them in a dark, cool room to give the textile’s dye time to rest. It is also important that the room is not humid to avoid any mold growing in the fabric.
  3. Store your quilts laying down and avoid any hard folds. If you must fold your quilt be sure to pad it with acid-free tissue paper in between folds. This prevents the dye running out of the crease.
  4. Do not store your quilts in wooden chests! Acid from the wood will eat away at the fabric over time. If possible, store your quilt in an acid-free archival box.

Call for Articles

Does your State Federation or club history include helping to preserve vital park lands or aiding the environment? We want to hear about it! Send articles that are 500 words or less (photos encouraged but not required) to by March 6. The Spring WHRC Newsletter will focus on environmental history in celebration of our annual Women’s History Month Event, which will explore the preservation efforts of clubwomen. Share your piece of GFWC’s environmental legacy.

State President Project: Pennsylvania, Shelly Smolnery

For the 2018–2020 Administration, GFWC Pennsylvania has chosen two projects as part of the “Step it Up … Volunteer” 2018–2020 Administration theme. One will benefit the community and is inspired by Shelly Smolnery being involved in starting a domestic violence shelter—the GFWC Signature Project: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. The other is for clubwomen to be more active, enabling them to better serve their communities.

Clubs are working with domestic violence shelters in their communities on a variety of projects and fundraisers in an effort to become more aware of local needs. At the Fall District meetings, socks were collected statewide through the “Step Away from Abuse” contest and donated to local shelters. The contest winners will be announced at the state convention in May. For one project, the Board of Directors held a Pajama Party for the local domestic violence shelter. Members were encouraged to wear their pajamas and bring a pair to donate. More than 60 pairs of women’s and children’s pajamas were donated!

The second project challenges Pennsylvania clubwomen to count and record their daily steps. Their goal was to step along with select Disney characters to specific locations. Pluto walked to Albany, NY (652,400 steps), Donald Duck will walk to Austin, TX (3,118,200 steps), and Minnie Mouse will walk to President Shelly’s favorite place, Walt Disney World (2,106,000 steps). The top 10 steppers will be honored at the GFWC Pennsylvania Convention.

Parliamentary Pointers

By GFWC Parliamentarian Deen J. Meloro

Under Parliamentary Law, only one person may speak at a time, and that person must speak to the presiding officer (the chair). Of course, this gives everyone present the chance to listen. It is the chair’s responsibility to correctly determine who is to speak. This is called “obtaining the floor.”

In order to obtain the floor, a person must rise and address the chair. The chair may then call on that person to speak. If more than one person rises, it is the member who rose first who is called on. No one can rise before the previous speaker is finished.

In a large meeting when microphones are being used, the presiding officer may have to use her experience to know who should be given the floor. If there is a long line at the microphones, or many people are trying to obtain the floor, the presiding officer may try to call on those for the motion and those against the motion alternately.

As soon as a motion is made, the presiding officer will look at the person who made the motion to see if that person wishes to speak, as the person who makes the motion has preference in this case. The maker of the motion may choose not to speak if there is no need to speak, or if she/he plans to speak later.

No one may speak a second time on the same motion on the same day as long as any other member who has not spoken desires the floor.

Following these rules helps prevent noise and hard feelings at a meeting.

Cares & Concerns

Our deepest condolences to Pat Mumm, Past Minnesota State President (2016-2018), whose son, Perry Flannery, passed away unexpectedly last week.

Volunteers in Action

The Mira Mesa Women’s Club (California), Vienna Woman’s Club (Virginia), GFWC Ad Astra Club (Kansas), and San Diego Woman’s Club (California) are featured on GFWC’s Blog.

Have a success story to tell? Email

Tree Tidbits: Creating Shade

Does your community need more shade from the hot sun? Plant a tree optimal for shade on National Arbor Day, such as a maple, oak, sycamore, or weeping willow. Leave your mark on April 26!

Buy a Convention Program Ad

With registration almost open, GFWC’s Annual Convention is starting to feel more real! Get excited for the experience in Austin by purchasing an ad in the 2019 Convention Program. Check out our Convention Program Ad form to learn more. Order and pay for your ad by March 29!

GFWC Marketplace: Book Sale

We have another book bundle sale! With this deal, you can buy Sarah L. Sladek’s The New Recruit, which helps plan how to attract and attain younger generations as club members, and get Dr. Suzanne Metzger’s daily motivational book, Through Living…Some Assembly Required, for free! Get both for only $15 with our book bundle deal in the GFWC Marketplace.

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