News & Notes: May 12, 2022


May 12, 2022

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GFWC Clubwomen Welcome Honor Flight  

The Honor Flight of West Central Florida brought about 50 veterans and their companions to Washington, DC, on May 10. Veterans on this flight came to the Capitol to visit memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifices, including the oldest guest, a 98-year-old World War II veteran. The Veterans are accompanied by Guardians who assist the veterans at the airport, during the flight, and at the memorials. Guardians undergo an application process and must be willing and able to walk long distances, push a veteran in a wheelchair if needed in all weather conditions, and provide support for a day that may go 20 or more hours. Veterans attend the Honor Flight at no cost, while guardians pay for their own plane ticket.

Clubwomen from GFWC Dominion Woman’s Club (Virginia), GFWC District of Columbia, GFWC Junior Woman’s Club of Loudoun (Virginia), and GFWC Woman’s Club of Chevy Chase (Maryland) and members of GFWC Staff joined the Veterans and their Guardians at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia.

The Honor Flight of West Central Florida will return in June, September, and October and GFWC clubs in the area will again be invited to participate in the Welcome Home events.

YES, You Can!

By Beth Smith, Health and Wellness Community Service Program Chairman

After two years of “No, you can’t,” let this be the year of “Yes, you can!” Let’s acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Month in May by improving our own mental health.

The first letter in yes is Y. Yay! Yeehaw! Yippie! Youthful! Yummy! You get the idea. Positive affirmations are a great way to make you feel good as the giver and the receiver feels even better. You can use affirmations in any situation where you’d like to see a positive change take place in your life. These might include times when you want to:

  • Raise your confidence before presentations or important meetings.
  • Control negative feelings such as frustration, anger, or impatience.
  • Improve your self-esteem.
  • Finish projects you’ve started.
  • Improve your productivity.
  • Overcome a bad habit.

This month, post on your social media a positive word or phrase and be sure to include a picture—everyone loves a cute animal or baby, or a fresh picture of yourself. The process of writing it down improves the chances that you will believe it and make it happen.

At your club meeting, hand out index cards and colorful markers and ask members to write simple affirmations like “you are wonderful,” “go get ‘em,” or “have an awesome day.” Members can get inspired and add their own and share them with the group. You can take the cards to a school, assisted living home, or even your local emergency management department. Anywhere that people could use the positive encouragement.

You’ve got this! Have an amazing May.

Volunteers in Action

This week’s GFWC Blog features GFWC Women’s Club of South County (Rhode Island) and GFWC Woman’s Club of Denville Rockaway (New Jersey). Read how clubwomen awarded 14 local nonprofits with grants to help them continue their positive work in the community and participated in an annual litter pick-up event on Earth Day.

Have a success story to tell? Email to have your club project considered for the GFWC Blog.

Office Depot Modifies In-Store Purchasing

Office Depot is adapting the way they do business to ensure they can continue to meet the business needs of an ever-changing world. As part of this change, the Office Depot Business Solutions Division will be rebranded to ODP Business Solutions, and the in-store purchasing process will look different going forward.

These changes include:

  • The current Store Purchasing Card Program is being replaced by the new Store Discount Program. If a member currently has a Store Purchasing Card (SPC), the card will be switched over to the new Store Discount Program starting May 1, 2022.
  • A member can continue to use an SPC temporarily to access the new Store Discount Program, but the SPC will be discontinued in approximately 13 months.
  • A member can register online for the Store Discount Program by logging into their existing account or register via the GFWC Office Depot Savings Program page on the GFWC website.
  • The Store Discount Program will now offer a standard discount on certain product categories when you identify yourself as a program member; however, the SPC will no longer provide access to your discounted contract pricing. Members can continue to get their full contract pricing by placing orders online.
  • Members will need to download the business mobile app to access the digital QR Code to present at check-out in an Office Depot® or OfficeMax® store in place of the SPC. If the member already has the Office Depot Business mobile app, it will soon be re-branded ODP Business Solutions. Once a member has registered online for the Store Discount Program, the member will be able to access the digital QR Code in the app.

Visit the GFWC Office Depot Savings Program page to shop great deals online. Orders placed online can be delivered to a home or business address, or members can place orders online for pick up at their favorite Office Depot or Office Max store.

Can’t-Miss Workshops at Convention

At the 2022 GFWC Annual Convention, many workshops will be held to help you to make a difference in your community at both the club and state level. On June 26 from 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m., you can select from the following 2022-2024 GFWC Chairmen and/or Committee-led GFWC Workshops.

  • Communications and PR: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About
  • Community Service Programs Workshops: Connecting with Communities through Service
  • Fundraising: Online Fundraising, Ignite the Change
  • Junior Special Program: Brighten a Day with Advocates for Children
  • Leadership: Everyone Is a Leader Every Day
  • Legislation/Public Policy: Together We Are Going on a Hunt
  • Membership: “Digging for Diamonds” Membership Engagement
  • Signature Program: Raising Awareness, Stop Traffic

Special Presentation: Parliamentary Procedure Workshop

Tuesday, June 28 from 9:30 a.m.–10:30 a.m.

Learn the essentials of bylaws and how to pair them with Parliamentary Procedure to create a foundation for a well-managed organization. Learn more.

Register by May 31

Register for Convention now and book your room at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. Use the group code “GFW” (minus the “C”) to secure the group rate of $199.

Reminder: 2022-2024 Candidates for Office Questions 

During a business session at our 2022 Annual Convention in New Orleans, GFWC will host a Q&A session with the 2022‒ 2024 Candidates in a contested position. We are soliciting thoughtful questions to pose to the candidates regarding their individual experiences, strategic vision for GFWC, and leadership skills. Questions will be selected at random, and the candidates will have two minutes to answer. Please send your questions by email to GFWC Elections Committee Chairman Linda Crish by May 15, 2022.

You’re Graduating…What’s Next? 

By Trina Madison Behbahani

As a Juniorette member of GFWC, you’ve likely fulfilled a community service requirement for graduation, but don’t forget how your volunteer service fulfilled you. As you make plans for life after high school, also plan to make Federation part of your future. Find an existing Junior or Woman’s Club that you can continue to work with or, better yet, put your leadership skills to use by forming a new GFWC club. Resources for federating a new club are available in the GFWC Member Portal.

Empower the fellow members that will carry the club forward after you leave. Ensure that your club stays strong by sharing your knowledge and making yourself available to mentor new members if needed. If you’re sponsoring a Juniorette club, celebrate your graduates, empower returning members to take on new responsibilities, and focus on identifying new members to grow the ranks of your membership.

How are you planning to continue your Federation service after graduation? What is your club doing to plan for a future of continued service? Share it on GFWC’s Facebook page.

Club Anniversaries and Gold Pin Recipients 

Club Anniversaries

GFWC Clifton Community Woman’s Club (Virginia)
GFWC du Midi Woman’s Club (Alabama)
GFWC Saxe Goth Woman’s Club (South Carolina)

GFWC Seminole Junior Woman’s Club (Florida)

GFWC Burlington Woman’s Club (Wisconsin)
GFWC Junior Woman’s Club of Loudoun (Virginia)
GFWC Naples Junior Woman’s Club (Florida)
GFWC Spotsylvania Woman’s Club (Virginia)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Cleveland (Texas)
GFWC Woman’s Club of South Norfolk (Virginia)

GFWC Amici Club (Arkansas)

GFWC Floyd Woman’s Club (Virginia)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Rock Hill (South Carolina)

GFWC Blacksburg Junior Women’s Club (Virginia)
GFWC Narrows Junior Woman’s Club (Virginia)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Cayce (South Carolina)

GFWC Clermont Woman’s Club (Florida)
GFWC Richlands Woman’s Club (Virginia)
GFWC St. Petersburg Junior Woman’s Club (Florida)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Fredericksburg (Virginia)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Ocoee (Florida)

GFWC Northeast Miami Woman’s Club (Florida)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Accomack County (Virginia)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Hampton (Virginia)

GFWC Brunswick Woman’s Club (Georgia)
GFWC Community Woman’s Club (Florida)
GFWC Fort Walton Beach Woman’s Club (Florida)
GFWC Williston Woman’s Club (Florida)
GFWC Woman’s Club of the Eastern Shore (Virginia)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Fernandina Beach (Florida)

GFWC Fairmont Woman’s Club (Nebraska)
GFWC Woman’s Club of Newport News (Virginia)

GFWC Ripley Women’s Club (Ohio)
GFWC Tucson Woman’s Club (Arizona)

GFC Woman’s Club of Jacksonville (Florida)

GFWC San Diego Woman’s Club (California)

Gold Pin Recipients

Jean Adams
GFWC La Mesa Woman’s Club (California)

Barbara Birnie
GFWC Women’s Club of Madison (Connecticut)

Heidi Brummage
GFWC Woman’s Club of Fairmont (West Virginia)

Margaret Brunson
GFWC Aurora Women’s Club (New York)

Elizabeth Campanello
GFWC Women’s Club of Caldwell (New Jersey)

Sally Cary
GFWC Worthington Woman’s Club (Virginia)

Norma Curtis
GFWC Oak View Women’s Club (California)

Kathy Delfino
GFWC Northford-North Branford Woman’s Club (Connecticut)

Burnetta DePuy
GFWC Lincoln Woman’s Club (Illinois)

Dorothy Dixon
GFWC La Mesa Woman’s Club (California)

Barbara Duffy
GFWC Morton Grove Woman’s Club (Illinois)

Darlene Eborg
GFWC McLean County Woman’s Club (Illinois)

Adina Fox
GFWC Ronan Woman’s Club (Montana)

Luella Halpap
GFWC Morton Grove Woman’s Club (Illinois)

Rejaa Hamzy
GFWC Terryville Woman’s Club (Connecticut)

Marge Hatton
GFWC Oak View Women’s Club (California)

Audrey Herbison
GFWC Oak View Women’s Club (California)

Mary Louise Johnson
GFWC Morton Grove Woman’s Club (Illinois)

Roz Kennedy
GFWC La Mesa Woman’s Club (California)

Maureen Lauerman
GFWC Menominee Woman’s Club (Michigan)

Helen Liberty
GFWC Menominee Woman’s Club (Michigan)

Judy Lumpp
GFWC Lincoln Woman’s Club (Illinois)

Rosemary Lynch
GFWC Glendale Woman’s Club (Arizona)

Sally Maple
GFWC Woman’s Club of Wheeling (West Virginia)

Beki Maynes
GFWC Glendale Woman’s Club (Arizona)

Margaret McCue
GFWC Morton Grove Woman’s Club (Illinois)

Lynn Osborne
GFWC Worthington Woman’s Club (Virginia)

Sandi Phoenix
GFWC La Mesa Woman’s Club (California)

Leatha Poshard
GFWC McLean County Woman’s Club (Illinois)

Carol Reid
GFWC Woman’s Club of Spring Township (Pennsylvania)

Carmella Rovinski
GFWC Mountain Top (Pennsylvania)

LaDonne Snavely
GFWC Monday Club of Farmington (Missouri)

Jane Stripling
GFWC Menominee Woman’s Club (Michigan)

Gloria Teshkoyan
GFWC Women’s Club of Caldwell (New Jersey)

Joan Vallarella
GFWC Women’s Club of Farmingdale (New York)

Charlene Vaughn
GFWC Geneva Athenaeum (Alabama)

Nancy Weiman
GFWC Morton Grove Woman’s Club (Illinois)

Mary Wilcoxen
GFWC Woman’s Club of Point Pleasant (West Virginia)

Joyce Wolf
GFWC Morton Grove Woman’s Club (Illinois)

GFWC Marketplace: International Pin

GFWC clubs and clubwomen aren’t just working in communities throughout the United States, but around the world! This pin represents the beautiful bonds that have been made with GFWC International Affiliates. Order yours today.

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