News & Notes: May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020
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Women’s Health Advice from Johns Hopkins

Before National Women’s Health Week ends on May 16, take a moment to read about the latest COVID-19 updates from the Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Women’s Health Program, A Woman’s Journey.

Medical News Updates

Johns Hopkins is a reliable source on the latest developments for Coronavirus treatments. It also has some good tips on how to practice wellness while staying at home during the pandemic.

Caring for Your Protective Face Mask

Now that many areas are recommending wearing non-medical face masks to avoid the spread of COVID-19, you might have made or bought face masks or coverings for yourself and your family. Here’s how to care for them, with tips from Lisa Maragakis, senior director of infection prevention.

COVID-19 Podcasts & Videos

Missed any of A Woman’s Journey COVID-19 webcasts or podcasts? You can catch up on past episodes by clicking on the following links for podcasts or webcasts.

Visit the Johns Hopkins website for other timely resources, including its COVID-19 Self Checker.

Planned Any Home Life Projects Lately? 

There are still three days of National Women’s Health Week left! Schedule a Zoom meeting with some members of your club to start planning a Home Life Program-oriented project that can be done remotely over the upcoming weeks. Consider the following ideas from GFWC’s Home Life Community Service Program Chairman Carolyn Forbes on how you and your club can live the volunteer spirit remotely while supporting awareness of health issues.
  • Schedule a digital workshop to promote adult immunization. Go to and type in immunization for access to resources to share with clubs that can help members understand why vaccination is important and which vaccines are recommended for them. 
  • Chances are your usual routine has been shaken up, making it more challenging to maintain healthy habits and prepare nutritious meals. Make the most of what you have in your pantry and share your heart-healthy recipes with your GFWC sisters by email, FaceTime, or another digital communication. 
  • Write a letter of gratitude and thanks to the local police department, hospital staff, or other first responders in your community.
Remember, there is nothing stronger than a healthy volunteer!

Cares & Concerns 

Jeanne Urban, a current member of the Communications and Public Relations Committee, is recovering at home after a medical procedure. Please keep Jeanne in your thoughts as she continues to recover.

It is with great sadness that GFWC announces the passing of GFWC New Mexico Past State President Elaine House (1974-1976). Condolences may be sent to 1400 Indiana St. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110. Please keep Elaine’s family in your thoughts during this time.

Volunteers in Action

This week’s GFWC Blog features GFWC Woman’s Club of Bridgeport (West Virginia), GFWC North Central Junior Alumnae (West Virginia), GFWC Marlton Woman’s Club (New Jersey), and GFWC Lilburn Woman’s Club (Georgia). Read and comment on their activities celebrating Federation Day, donating to six area 501(c)(3) organizations, and donating supplies to their local communities during the pandemic. 

Have a success story to tell? Share your clubs volunteer story with us! Email

May 25: Plan to Remember Military Women 

What do GFWC volunteer projects to honor women in the military look like amidst the constraints of the COVID-19 virus? Here are a few ideas for you from GFWC’s Public Issues Community Service Program Chairman Celene Post that are just in time for Memorial Day!
  • If there is a female veteran in the neighborhood, how about providing her with a picnic basket? If you don’t feel like getting out the grill, perhaps a “hero” sandwich would work. Add a bag of chips, potato salad, and brownies for dessert. Set it on the porch with a note attached!
  • You could make a rag wreath and leave it on the doorstep. You can get wire from online craft stores with material strips of red, white, and blue tied on.
  • Deliver a grocery store-made apple pie. Slip it in a plastic bag and attach a patriotic sticker. If you are not sure of any dietary restrictions, perhaps a small plant or cactus with a mini flag and a note might be the perfect way to say “thank you for your service!”
After completing one of the above projects, be sure to share your success stories to be considered for posting on GFWC’s Blog. Email a summary of your project along with a compelling photo.

Having Trouble Logging In?

Many of you are still having difficulties logging into the Member Portal, and we know that’s frustrating. Please remember that we’re here to help! While staff are not onsite, we’re still working and able to assist. You can reach us Monday through Friday 9am–4pm by calling 202-347-3168 or by emailing

We hope you’ll take advantage of the time at home to ensure your access to the Member Portal and all the valuable resources GFWC has to offer!

State Director’s Project: Brook Huddleston, Louisiana 

Brooke’s theme for the past two years is “For Those Who Protect and Serve the Community and Those Who Are Abused.” Brooke would like to follow in the footsteps of GFWC’s Signature Program and Advocates for Children Projects as well as focus on law enforcement, who protect and serve these individuals.

Brooke is honored and blessed to work alongside and lead the Juniors of Louisiana, a “family of one.” Louisiana’s clubs are comprised of strong, intelligent, and talented ladies with a wealth of service to offer this world.

“All clubs have participated in events and dedicated time and support to local organizations. Clubwomen were involved and participated in Domestic Violence Night Out for Women and promoted GFWC’s commitment to supporting causes against domestic violence. They also supported local police forces at these events and through treats/gifts delivered to the departments.

Clubs supported domestic violence shelters and support services to the women and children through projects such as Makeup for Moms, Holiday and Mother’s Day Celebrations, and attending galas raising funds for these organizations. In 2019, a GFWC Southern Belle, Courtney Teuton (pictured above, not a Junior), consulted to support this cause by nationally dedicating funds from the United States of America Pageant.

Another success was the 2020 Louisiana State Convention Keynote Speaker, Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Weber and Officer Valerie Martinez, who is a survivor of abuse and has a family history of domestic violence. Sheriff Weber has been the President of the National Sheriff’s Organization and a leader in implementing some of the strictest policies in the country. How to protect domestic violence survivors is critical information that the members of Louisiana should know. There is a recent article by Ann Givens explaining Valerie Martinez and Sheriff Weber’s implementing the policies, practices and work of the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. 
Club Anniversaries and Gold Pin Recipients 

GFWC Progress Club of South Bend (Indiana)

Gold Pin Recipients

Prudence Fager
GFWC Flint Hills Women’s Club (Kansas)

Carol Artall
Melville Woman’s Club (Louisiana)

Jubilee Pin Recipients

Elizabeth Anderson
Lockport Women’s Club (Illinois)

Marketplace: Seven Grand Initiatives T-Shirt 

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Please be advised, GFWC Headquarters remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Marketplace shipments will resume as soon as we are able to reopen.

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