News & Notes – May 16, 2019

March of Dimes Service Project at Convention

Join us at the 2019 GFWC Annual Convention and help us reach our goal of creating 1,000 Self-Care Packages for March of Dimes. A generous donation from you will bring relief to parents who are experiencing the exhaustion and stress that comes with their baby being in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for weeks or even months. Check what item your region is responsible for bringing to Convention.

The Convention Service Project is an annual opportunity to bring clubwomen from across the country together to make a lasting impact. Join us on June 30 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the March of Dimes Service Project.

Can’t make it to Convention? You can still help make a parent’s life a little brighter! Send a check to GFWC Headquarters by June 1 so we can purchase supplies in Austin. Make the check out to GFWC and put “2019 Service Project” and your region in the memo line.

National Women’s Health Week: May 12-18, 2019

National Women’s Health Week encourages women to make their physical and mental health a priority. As volunteers, clubwomen are used to giving their time and energy to make better lives for others. But you can’t forget the importance of caring about yourself. How can you celebrate the week?

  • Organize a fitness event with women in your community.
  • Create activity goals for you and your club to meet.
  • Learn steps for how to live a healthy life at every age.
  • Get customized tips to improve your health habits.

Put your health first and remind the women in your lives to do the same!

GFWC Welcomes Honor Flight

On May 7, GFWC welcomed an Honor Flight from West Central Florida. Seventy-five veterans and their guardians, including GFWC Florida State President Sharon Oliphant, spent the day visiting memorials in Washington, D.C.

GFWC Staff, including Chief of Operations Patricia Budka, Director of Membership Services and Programs Melanie Gisler, and Communications and Public Relations Coordinator Sarah Fannon, welcomed the veterans at the Air Force Memorial and passed out lunch.

Supporting Honor Flights is a tradition GFWC treasures, as it’s a great way to give back to veterans for all they’ve done for their country.

State President’s Project: Maine, Nancy Ames

Maine clubwomen surround a table of Dr. Seuss books and hold pillows.

Be the Change is the theme for GFWC Maine’s 2018–2020 Administration. When visiting clubs throughout the state, President Nancy Ames is focused on how times are changing and the need to be receptive to changing with them. To keep members and increase club membership, excitement, enthusiasm, and simply asking someone to join are key. For example, Maine clubs are promoting GFWC by wearing club shirts, aprons, and scarves and handing out club brochures during community service projects.

GFWC Maine members have embraced the State President’s Project, Honoring Those Who Serve, for veterans, active duty servicemen and service women, first responders, and educators. Clubs were each given a “Be the Change” jar to pass around at meetings to collect loose change. GFWC Maine has also signed up for the Clynk Program; members bag their returnable bottles for a local grocery chain and the proceeds go to the President’s Project.

At the GFWC New England Region Conference held in Maine, 350 pairs of men’s boxer shorts were collected and donated to Sew Much Comfort, which made adaptable clothing for injured veterans. Then at the GFWC Maine Fall Conference, members donated eleven Veterans Welcome Baskets, each consisting of twenty items per basket, along with sheets, blankets, toasters, and coffee pots, to help veterans moving from homelessness into a new apartment. Members also learned about Operation HOPE (Heroin-Opiate Prevention Effort) from a local police chief.

At GFWC Maine’s Spring Convention, members donated 96 Dr. Seuss Books and made “no-sew” pillows to accompany the books to be donated to a domestic violence shelter. A luncheon featured ten different Dr. Seuss-themed tables. The Travis Mills Foundation was presented with a check to sponsor one week at their retreat for a female veteran, and Wreathes Across America was also presented with funds to purchase wreathes for veteran’s graves. For the upcoming year, the focus will be on the Honor Flight of Maine, Suffragist Memorial, and GFWC Elder Abuse Scholarship.

Check out GFWC’s Pinterest for additional photos.

Parliamentary Pointers: Lay It on the Table

by GFWC Parliamentarian Deen J. Meloro, RP

Sometimes it becomes necessary to put one item of business ahead of another item. In that case, the business being discussed can be “laid on the table.” This is not a motion to kill a piece of business, just to move it to the side so that something of a more pressing nature can be brought up. A motion to table an item can only be used for business that is actually pending.

The lay-on-the-table motion must be seconded. It is not debatable, but the Chair may ask the maker of the motion to state her reason for making the motion. The answer might be, “Our speaker has to leave in an hour” or “Laying this on the table will allow enough time for us to consider the next item of business, which must be decided today.”  The motion requires a majority vote.

Once a question has been laid on the table, it can be taken from the table by a majority vote as soon as the interrupting business has been completed. Any member can move to take it from the table, and once it has been brought up again, it is in the same condition as when it was laid down. If an amendment was being discussed, that is where the assembly starts the discussion.

A question can stay on the table until the end of the next meeting of the assembly, as long as that meeting is no more than three months away. If the question has not been taken off the table by the end of the next meeting, it dies.

Cares & Concerns

We have learned that Gloria Downhour (Mrs. Russell), Past Michigan State President (1992-1994), passed away in March. Our condolences to her family.

GFWC Indiana is sad to report the passing of Mary Pawlowski, Past State President (1994-1996) and Past State Director of Junior Clubs (1984-1986). You can send condolences to 626 E Ash Street, Griffith, Indiana 46319.

Volunteers in Action

The Salem Area Woman’s Club (New York), Women’s Club of Indian River (Delaware), GFWC Yorba Linda Woman’s Club (California), and the Needham Women’s Club (Massachusetts) are featured on GFWC’s Blog.

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Support Our Convention Raffle

Help make the Lone Star Raffle a huge hit. If you, your club, or your district would like to donate a prize, send the raffle donation form to Jennifer Simpson at Donations can be sent to GFWC Headquarters if delivered by June 1. Or you can bring your donation to Convention if the form is sent beforehand. Small and lightweight items that travel easily are recommended, such as:

  • Jewelry and Scarves
  • Electronics and Gadgets
  • Handbags
  • Gift Cards with national appeal

Donate to the 2019 Convention Raffle to support GFWC and to bring a smile to a winning clubwoman’s face.

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