News & Notes – May 30, 2019

GFWC Texas Can’t Wait to Host You

This Saturday, June 1 is the deadline to register for the 2019 GFWC Annual Convention in Austin, Texas. We’d like to thank the GFWC Texas Federation for hosting what’s going to be an event to remember in the Lone Star State! This year’s Convention wouldn’t be possible without the tireless work of Texan clubwomen.

Join clubwomen from Texas and all over the country for an adventure in Austin. To get the full Texas experience, join us on one of our Tours—only available if you register by June 1. Convention registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on June 1, so register now to receive a Texas-sized welcome.

Seven Grand Initiatives

Even if your club doesn’t meet during the summer, GFWC’s Seven Grand Initiatives don’t have to end. Here are a few tips to keep them going:

Donate Used Shoes

With the change of season, many people refresh with a new summer wardrobe, including their footwear. Don’t let their old shoes go to waste! Reach out to friends, family, and your community through the summer to collect their shoes for Soles4Souls.

Women in the Military

Use the summer to plan for Veterans Day in November! With prom season almost over, summer is the perfect time to find high school students who have old formal dresses they will no longer wear. Host a dress drive to donate formal attire for young girls and women on military bases in November.

Assess Community Needs for MLK Day

The 2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service was a huge success. Let’s make it an even bigger one in 2020! While participating in fun community events this summer, jot down your community’s most pressing volunteer needs in a planning journal. When your club meets back up in the fall, present your ideas for how to make MLK Day of Service a triumph.

Keep the Seven Grand Initiatives going strong this summer season!

Techie’s Tips: How to Print Select Pages

Sometimes you only want to print a short section of a long PDF. Luckily, it’s easy to do!

  1. Choose “File” and then “Print.”
  2. Under “Pages to Print,” choose the Pages option.

  3. Type in the page or pages (example: “149” or “149-152”).
  4. Click “Print” and it will only print your selected pages!

Volunteers in Action

The GFWC Oregon City Woman’s Club (Oregon), GFWC Woman’s Club of Tarpon Springs (Florida), GFWC West Side Women’s Club (Pennsylvania), and the Women’s Civic League (Utah) are featured on GFWC’s Blog.

Have a success story to tell? Email

Welcome an Honor Flight

Join GFWC to welcome the next Honor Flight from West Central Florida on Tuesday, June 11th at 10:15 A.M. at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. Help us celebrate veterans as they reflect on the memorials built in their honor. Let us know if you can make it!

GFWC Clubwomen Support Each Other

Hurricane Michael caused devastation to many communities in 2018, including that of the Marianna Woman’s Club (Florida). In addition to losing the roof to their clubhouse, 95% of members experienced severe property damage. Their spirits were low, but as club president Jan Quigley said in a thoughtful letter to International President Mary Ellen Brock, “At our lowest point, our club members started receiving donations and encouragement from the clubs in our district, clubs in our state, and clubs across the nation. We were reminded that we are part of an organization that reaches out to each of us, offering support and comfort during our most desperate times.” We know that many states have experienced similar hardships due to natural disasters. GFWC thanks everyone who has made the burden easier on each other through support and donations.

State President’s Project: Vermont, Joan Isham

Joan Isham, GFWC Vermont State President, has chosen international outreach as her main focus. Her first charge to the clubs was to support Heifer International. Each club was given a special coin box furnished by Heifer International to collect change for the Tanzania Milk Project, a new program exclusively between GFWC and Heifer International. In an effort to promote good nutrition in school children, milk is contributed by the farmers. Many of the farmers who received cows from the Heifer International program are the ones providing the product. The milk is then distributed to the schools at a very low cost. Children who receive good nutrition do better in school.

The clubs are also working on making johnny gowns for Operation Smile. These little hospital gowns are used for the children who come to the clinics for their operations. Many times children arrive in their best clothes and end up with their clothing stained. They also are allowed to take the gown home with them. President Joan has set a goal of at least one johnny for each member, with the hope of having more than 200 done by the end of the coming year.

Parliamentary Pointers: Committees

by GFWC Parliamentarian Deen J. Meloro

There are many kinds of committees, and they are important since the work they do is usually adopted by the assembly.

One kind is a Standing Committee, which is designated by the Bylaws. This committee is a constant presence and the chairman is generally appointed by the president with approval of the board. They have a designated area of work which continues in more or less the same format every year or every administration. An example might be Nominations and Elections, since groups need the work of that committee at least every two years.

There are also Ad Hoc or Special Committees formed for a specific purpose, usually with a specified time frame to get the work finished. An Ad Hoc Committee might be formed to study the feasibility of renting a parking lot or to arrange a banquet.

At a meeting, those in attendance may vote on a motion to “form a committee to study the feasibility of renting a parking lot.” If the motion is adopted, the chairman will usually ask: “How should the committee be formed?” Generally, either the president is given the duty to appoint committee members or the assembly proposes names and then votes for a certain number of nominees to be on the committee. In most cases, the first person named by the president is the committee chairman. In other cases, the committee itself chooses a chairman.

The chairman will receive a list of committee members, usually from the secretary. The chairman will also be given any material in the club’s possession that pertains to the work of the committee. It’s the duty of the chairman to call committee meetings as needed. The chairman generally appoints a clerk to keep track of facts and information, as well as decisions previously reached.

GFWC Marketplace: 2018-2020 Administration Pin

Join us in celebrating the halfway mark of the 2018-2020 Administration by getting this pin in the GFWC Marketplace. For just $5, you’ll head off to GFWC’s Annual Convention in style and show your support for what this Administration has already accomplished with the Seven Grand Initiatives!

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