News & Notes- November 14, 2019

Attend the Women’s History Month Event on March 5

Join the Women’s History and Resource Center for the 2020 Women’s History Month Event on March 5 from 2:00–4:00 p.m. with an illuminating performance from Kate Campbell Stevenson. Having starred in more than 30 off-Broadway musicals, Stevenson’s one-woman show will celebrate the history that led to women’s right to vote with the passage of the 19th Amendment. Stevenson’s performance will highlight First Lady Abigail Adams and other powerful advocates that were part of the forgotten history of the suffrage movement.

Come to GFWC Headquarters to see Kate Campbell Stevenson in Amending America: How Women Won the Vote. Register now.

Volunteers in Action

GFWC’s Woman’s Club of Cranbury (New Jersey), La Crescenta Woman’s Club (California), Nampa Woman’s Century Club (Idaho), and Poultney Woman’s Club (Vermont) are featured on GFWC’s Blog. Read and comment on their activities about thanking Veterans in their community, having a baby shower for domestic violence survivors, providing shoes for kids in need, and sewing hospital gowns for children.

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Heifer Projects Update

GFWC and Heifer International share a common desire to make life better for our neighbors worldwide. GFWC has supported Heifer projects for decades, and to date, GFWC has raised over $100,000 since May 2018 towards fulfilling Heifer’s School Milk Project.

With the help of clubwomen, Heifer has fully funded the Heifer School Milk Project as well as created additional child nutrition projects with milk and dairy components in numerous countries. A daily serving of dairy for a student provides high-quality protein, vitamins, and nutrients needed for healthy minds and bodies—empowering them to focus on learning instead of hunger.

Through projects in Kenya, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Rwanda, and Honduras, Heifer is creating opportunities not only to help dairy farmers through training and connecting them to markets; they are also increasing the nutrition for hungry children and their families in these communities. It’s through the dedicated efforts of GFWC members that makes this life-changing work possible.

During your holiday endeavors, visit to see what blessings you can bestow on hungry families this year. Whether it’s sponsoring a fundraiser or shopping through Heifer’s gift catalog, GFWC’s dedication and giving spirit rises to the occasion to create change in communities around them.

Renew Your Magazine Subscription Online

A new feature has been added to the GFWC Member Portal that allows you to renew your one-year GFWC Clubwoman Magazine subscription online! Once logged into the portal, go to the Marketplace tab and then select “Education Add-Ons.” A one-year Clubwoman subscription should then be the only option on the next page.

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Look Into Club Insurance

Do you ever worry about someone getting hurt or property being damaged during a club event? Protect your club from liability claims by purchasing insurance coverage. No matter how many fundraising dinners, festivals, and other events your club organizes, you can worry less about whether you are covered and focus more on the success of your event.

GFWC’s insurance partner, AH&T Insurance, provides insurance plans for GFWC-federated clubs including General Liability Insurance, which provides protection in the event of bodily injury or property damage or Event Insurance, which allows your club to insure a single event.

AH&T also offers Directors & Officers liability insurance which offers your club protection should officers cause damage to club assets from alleged or actual wrongful acts on their part.

General Liability Insurance premiums start at $300 annually but may vary based on the number of club members and other special considerations. The cost of Event Insurance varies by event. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance premiums are $463.50 annually for all GFWC clubs.

To learn more, visit AH&T Insurance’s website or contact Amy Miller with AH&T Insurance.

Holiday Open House

You’re invited to GFWC Headquarters on December 4 for our annual Holiday Open House from 3:00–6:00 p.m. Register now! If you’re registering as part of a group, contact Jennifer Simpson.

GFWC Florida District 4 Visits Headquarters

On November 8, forty-four clubwomen from GFWC Florida District 4 visited GFWC Headquarters to present International President Mary Ellen Brock with a $1,000 to join the Million Dollar Club, one of the 2018–2020 Seven Grand Initiatives. The GFWC Jacksonville Beaches Woman’s Club also presented President Brock with a Million Dollar Club $1,000 contribution.

Success for Survivors Scholarship

The 2020 Success for Survivors Scholarship is now open! Spread the word among your family and friends to reach survivors who may be interested that the application deadline is February 7.

Parliamentary Pointers
by GFWC Parliamentarian Deen J. Meloro

In honor of Veterans’ Day, a short history of Henry Robert’s time in the army

Henry Martyn Robert (1837–1923) graduated from West Point with honors, ranking fourth in his class. During the Civil War, he was assigned to the Corps of Engineers and worked on the defense of Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and several New England ports.

He served as Engineer of the Army’s Division of the Pacific from 1867–1871. In 1873, he was re-assigned to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to supervise the building of lighthouses on Lake Michigan. The winter of 1873–1874 was so cold that engineering projects were put on hold. He used this time to take the research he had done on parliamentary procedure and produced a short book. As was the custom of the day, he self-published the book and then found a publisher to sell and distribute it. The 4,000 copies were sold out in three months.

In the late 1880s, President Grover Cleveland appointed Robert to head a group of engineers to select the best place for a port in the western Gulf of Mexico. He chose Galveston, Texas. The work there lasted until 1895, and he was promoted to colonel.

In 1901, President William McKinley rewarded Colonel Robert for his 44 years of service by promoting him to Brigadier General. This was done as a way of boosting his pension, as Brigadier General Robert retired from the army two days later.

Robert worked on engineering projects for the army all over the country, and the work he did in Galveston is considered one of the finest water boulevards created. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Robert’s Rules of Order has been researched and edited many times since it was first published in 1876. It is the most-used reference book on parliamentary procedure in the world.

Club Anniversaries and Gold Pin Recipients



GFWC Kenosha Junior Woman’s Club, WI

Woman’s Community Club of Gideon (Missouri)


Newberry Women’s Club (Michigan)

Gold Pin Recipients

Elizabeth Horine
Bronte Club (Texas)

Marion Cafferky

Holly Club of Wrentham (Massachusetts)

June Haug, Beverly Bartz, Alda Rydin

Sleepy Eye Woman’s Club (Minnesota)

Margie Carico

The Chilhowee Club (Tennessee)

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