News & Notes – November 8, 2018

Take Legislative Action: Sign in Red

The Region votes have been counted and the two bills that GFWC will be working on to become laws are Miranda’s Law and the 3D Printed Gun Safety Act.

Miranda’s Law, H.R. 6518

Introduced in both the House and Senate, “Miranda’s Law” aims to keep unsafe school bus drivers off the road. This legislation would require real-time alerts for every school district across the country and trigger driver infractions to a database monitored by the federal Department of Transportation. Under current federal regulations, employers of school bus drivers are required to check their employees’ driving history records annually. If a driver fails to self-report a DUI, reckless driving, or a license suspension, it could be up to 364 days before a school district or motor carrier obtains that information.

What Do We Have to Do?

Join GFWC in supporting Miranda’s Law and ensuring that those behind the wheel of school buses are safe drivers.

Contact your U.S. Representative to request that the bill be voted out of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and state that you want it posted for a vote on the House floor.

3D Printed Gun Safety Act, H.R. 6649; S3304

This law would prohibit the publication of 3D printer plans for the printing of firearms. Because 3D printing allows individuals to make their own firearms out of plastic, they may be able to evade detection by metal detectors at security checkpoints, increasing the risk that a firearm will be used to commit violence on an airplane or other area where people congregate.

What Do We Have to Do?

Contact your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators; tell them you want the bills voted out of their respective Judiciary Committees and you want them posted for a vote on the floor of the House/Senate. View the Legislative Action Center alert.

Cares & Concerns

We send our condolences to GFWC Washington State President Betty Macmaster on the passing of her father, Irving Studebaker. Please keep her family in your thoughts.

Our thoughts are with Bessie Konishi, Past GFWC Colorado State President (1996-1998), on the passing of her husband, Ben, who was a local veterinarian and a beloved member of the community. You can send cards to P.O. Box 745, Alamosa, Colorado 81101.

Our deepest sympathy to Dorothy “Dottie” Bachman, Past GFWC New York State President (2012-2014), whose husband, Dale, passed away.

Sunday is Veterans Day

This Veterans Day, help GFWC reach its 2018-2020 Administration goal of having members devote 1,000 projects to women in the military. The number of female veterans has been increasing over time, but often the support and services offered were designed for men and don’t always address the unique needs of women.

Your club can make a difference in the lives of those who have served. If you don’t have a project lined up, it’s not too late! Contact your local VA medical centers for last-minute needs so your club can observe Veterans Day on November 11.

If you’re having an event, create a public event on your GFWC Facebook page to get your community involved! It’s as quick as clicking on your profile, selecting “Events,” and then “Create Event!” Encourage club members to share the event on their personal pages. Additionally, promote your club’s observance with this press release template and submit your Veterans Day Volunteers in Action success stories to

Volunteers in Action

The GFWC Greater Ocala Woman’s Club (Florida), GFWC Potpourri Glenwood (Minnesota), and Woman’s Club of Vista (California) are featured on GFWC’s Blog.

Have a success story to tell? Email

Seeking 2019 Croly Award Applications

Spread the word that the call for 2019 Croly Award is now open! Encourage all journalists who have advanced the rights of women to apply by April 30, 2019 using this application form, and consider sharing on your or your club’s Facebook page. A deserving journalist in your community could win!

Dr. Seuss Labels

GFWC has Dr. Seuss Initiative labels so that you can add a personal touch to every Dr. Seuss book you donate! Add your club name, print them out, and place them inside the books to increase club visibility in the community.

Shot@Life 2019 Champion Summit

Interested in advocating on Capitol Hill with your fellow GFWC members and other community advocates? From February 25 – 27, GFWC members from clubs across the U.S. will be joining other Shot@Life champions in Washington, D.C. for our marquee event bringing together over 120 activists from all different walks of life to be inspired and attend training around global childhood immunizations.

At the 3-day summit, Shot@Life Champions hear from experts in the areas of vaccines, global health, and international development, and will learn how to advocate to their Congressional offices.

Applications open November 12 at For more information on our partnership or actions you can take to strengthen your application (Race to Erase ends on November 12 when applications open – so now is the time to take action!), please visit:

GFWC D.C. Past President Stephanie Klodzen helping with preparations for Boo at the Zoo.

State President Project: District of Columbia, Jessica Rigouard

During the 2018-2020 administration, GFWC District of Columbia is focusing on support for educational programs and the arts in Washington, D.C. This was a logical choice for a special project because members are already volunteering with a variety of programs involving the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, Ford’s Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre, and other such organizations. Members also traditionally volunteer at events such as the National Book Festival and Boo at the Zoo. The goal for this emphasis is to have members provide support and assistance as “boots on the ground” in roles such as theatre ushers, museum volunteers, etc.

The theme for the Administration is Hand in Hand Together, Striving to be Our BEST––Bold, Enthusiastic, Supportive, Tenacious. GFWC DC hopes that the best efforts of its members will facilitate positive experiences for visitors and guests in a variety of settings in our nation’s capital.

Thank You Tuesday: November


Sending volunteers a “thank you” gives them something to hang on to, whether it is a letter, a pat on the back, or posting on GFWC’s Facebook Page: @GFWCMembers. November’s theme for GFWC’s Thank You Tuesday campaign is thankfulness, so acknowledge a job well done.

And, keep members coming back!

  • Find a cause that your members believe in, that makes volunteering more meaningful.
  • Find their talent and utilize it. Everyone wants to have their talent showcased and their skills put to good use.
  • Promote your club’s good works. This makes your club work valuable and your members invaluable.
  • Make it fun. Volunteering can be hard work, time consuming, and yes, even taxing but it can also be fun to work as a team.

A GFWC volunteer gives of themselves … if our members give in a way that’s helpful to others and fun too, it gives back to all of us. That is why GFWC is giving thanks on Facebook throughout November!

GFWC Welcomed Honor Flight

Honor Flights give veterans the opportunity to fly into Washington, D.C. and reflect on the memorials that were built to honor their sacrifices. Last week, GFWC Florida clubwomen from the St. Petersburg Juniors and the New Tampa Juniors accompanied the Honor Flight and were met at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, VA by GFWC Staff and GFWC Virginia clubwomen from the Woman’s Club of McLean, the Annandale Woman’s Club, and the Arlington Woman’s Club. It was a beautiful day, and GFWC members and staff were happy to have the chance to speak with veterans and thank them for their service.

MLK Day of Service Idea

Book Drive for Veterans

When Veterans Day passes, that doesn’t mean your veteran-related projects have to end! The Woman’s Club of Madisonville (Kentucky) held two magazine and book drives for a long-term nursing care facility for veterans. The project was listed in the GFWC Top 10 Projects.

GFWC Marketplace: GFWC Notecards

GFWC Notecards are back in stock just in time for the month of giving thanks! Each card in the pack of 10 features the GFWC logo on the front and the mission statement on the back. Get yours today for $10 in the GFWC Marketplace and put your thankfulness into words!

Parliamentary Pointers: Standard Order of Business

by GFWC Parliamentarian Deen J. Meloro, RP

A club may decide to have its own Order of Business, but Robert’s Rules of Order suggests the following:

1. The Presiding Officer raps the gavel once and announces, “The meeting will come to order.” By that time she has counted and knows that a quorum is present.

2. Opening Exercises. Usually these include the reading of the Collect and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. Remember: the Collect is a prayer.

3. The chair says, “The Secretary will read the minutes.” After the minutes have been read, or if the minutes had previously been distributed and are not read, the chair says, “Are there any corrections to the minutes?” (NOT: corrections or additions. Additions are corrections.) If anyone has a correction, she waits to be recognized by the chair and states her correction. Sometimes members make a correction because matters have changed since the last meeting. However, that is not a correction, as the minutes are to reflect what happened at that meeting. Also, while a typo can be pointed out, especially a name of a person or a group, that is not a correction. It is merely noted. After all members have been recognized, the chair states, “If there are no (further) corrections, the minutes are approved.” Once the minutes have been approved, they become the official record of what happened.

4. Reports. First the President, then the other officers in descending order of rank, then Standing Committee chairmen, and Special Committee Chairman. A President should know if a member does not have a report, and does not have to call on her. If a report brings up a matter that requires discussion or a vote, that discussion or vote can take place immediately. It does not have to wait until New Business.

More next week!

Club Anniversaries and Gold Pin Recipients

We love to celebrate clubs who have stood the test of time and become staples in their community, as well as our clubwomen who have been members for fifty years!



Fine Arts Club of Bruce (Mississippi)                       


The Woman’s Club of Abbeville (Louisiana)
Goddard Woman’s Club (Kansas)
GFWC MSA Stratton Club (Colorado)


Decatur Woman’s Progressive Club (Mississippi)


GFWC Woman’s Citizenship Club (Colorado)


GFWC Laramie Woman’s Club (Wyoming)


Hastings Women’s Club (Michigan)

Gold Pin Recipients

Jean Pollard; Dorothy Wilks
GFWC AMICI Club (Arizona)

Jan Counter
GFWC Big Timer Woman’s Club (Montana)

Sylvia Schneider; Rachel Novy; Margaret Ann Roberts;
Doris Picha; Jean Traeder; Mary Sterba
Hillsboro Woman’s Civic Club (Wisconsin)

Mary Budd Holmes
GFWC Monticello Woman’s Club, Inc. (Kentucky)

Dorothy Bednarek
Princeton Woman’s Club (Wisconsin)

Lynette Worrell; Margaret Reppert
GFWC Sower’s Club (Nebraska)

Marianne Nave
Springfield City Federation of Women’s Clubs (Ohio)