News & Notes – October 31, 2019

Stop Guns from Falling Into the Wrong Hands

Have you taken action to regulate 3D guns yet? Make it illegal to publish digital instructions or code over the Internet that would automatically program a 3D printer to produce a firearm. Join your fellow clubwomen who have contacted their U.S. Senators and Representative about this life-saving issue.

The 3D Printed Gun Safety Act of 2019 (Senate: S. 1831 and House: H.R. 3265). will prevent unlicensed individuals with 3D printers from creating plastic firearms to avoid detection by metal detectors at airports and other security checkpoints. Plastic firearms made from 3D printers also lack genuine serial numbers, a powerful investigative tool in crime solving.
Together, with our family and friends, we can make 1,000 contacts to members of Congress. It’s time to decrease the risk of violence from felons, domestic abusers, and other dangerous individuals. Visit the Legislative Action Center now.

Volunteers in Action

GFWC’s North Pinellas Woman’s Club (Florida), Northwood Women’s Literary Club (North Dakota), and Woman’s League of the Lowcountry (South Carolina) are featured on the GFWC’s Blog. Read and comment on their activities at a youth ranch, supporting a local economic development foundation, and for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Cares & Concerns

It is with sadness that GFWC announces the passing of Chris Burns, GFWC Michigan Past State President (2010-2012).

Celebrate the Holidays with Us

You’re invited to GFWC Headquarters on December 4 for our annual Holiday Open House from 3:00–6:00 p.m.! Admire the ornate holiday décor and dazzling floor-to-ceiling Christmas tree while mingling with fellow clubwomen. Enjoy hor d’oeuvres, refreshments, and a festive spirit.

Join us in celebrating the season at 1734 N Street NW, Washington, DC 20036. Register now! If you’re registering as part of a group, contact Jennifer Simpson.

Success Stories Advocating for Children?

Advocates for Children Week ended on Saturday and we want to hear about your club’s successful projects and events! Email us a recap of your club’s activities with (action-packed photos) to be considered for the GFWC Blog.

Help Us Preserve the Voices of Our Past

Did you know that the WHRC has hundreds of oral histories archived? We’re now fundraising to digitize all 341 oral histories in our collection!

As we approach the centennials of the 19th Amendment and of GFWC’s time in our historic mansion at 1734 N Street, it is imperative that we bring the voices of our past to life. Interviews cover subjects ranging from suffrage marches, to past president’s recalling their time living at 1734 N Street, to recollections of cherished personalities and past presidents.

To donate to WHRC, login to the GFWC Portal.

Seeking Scholarship Applicants

The 2020 Success for Survivors Scholarship is now open! Spread the word among your family and friends to reach survivors who may be interested that the application deadline is February 7.

Consider a Hospice Care Service Project for Veterans Day

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, a time to raise awareness about providing the highest quality of care to people coping with life-limiting illnesses. While hospice care is comprehensive and compassionate care for people with a short life expectancy, palliative care balances comfort measures and treatments for cure or control of serious diseases.

Making veterans comfortable in their final days is one way to help the 2018–2020 Administration reach its goal of organizing at least 201 more projects for women in the military. This Veterans Day—and throughout November—join GFWC in saluting women in the military. Your club can make a difference in the lives of your local veterans. Together, we can celebrate all of the women have served actively in all military branches around the world since 1970. Be sure to submit your Veterans Day success stories to to be considered for GFWC’s Blog.

New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club Members Welcome Honor Flight

The Honor Flight of West Central Florida brought Veterans from WWII, the Korean, and the Vietnam Wars to Washington, DC on September 10. Veterans on this flight included eleven from WWII, one who was 99 years old, two who were 98, and for the first time in Honor Flight history, three brothers to visit memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices. The Veterans are accompanied by Guardians who assist the Veterans at the airport, during the flight, and at the memorials. Guardians undergo an application process and must be willing and able to walk long distances, push a Veteran in a wheelchair if needed in all weather conditions, and provide support for a day that may go 20 or more hours. Veterans attend the Honor Flight at no cost, while Guardians pay for their own plane ticket.

Members of the GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club were Guardians on this sunny day in September, including GFWC Treasurer Jolie Frankfurth. Michele Small, GFWC Florida Fundraising Chair, and Dr. Melanie Otte, Team Leader GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club were also Guardians and were joined by GFWC Staff during lunch at the WWII Memorial. Many GFWC clubs in the area are very active with the Honor Flights participating in the Welcome Home events if they are unable to accompany as Guardians on flights.

Pictured above: GFWC Treasurer Jolie Frankfurth with GFWC Building and Grounds Associate Jonnel Herndon, Membership Services and Programs Director Melanie Gisler, and Membership Services Coordinator Nora Hoffman-White.

Parliamentary Pointers
by GFWC Parliamentarian Deen J. Meloro

In the land of Robert’s Rules of Order, you never have to wash the floor but you can never speak unless you have the floor. The floor belongs to the presiding officer and you can’t get it unless she gives it to you; this should ensure that only one person is speaking at any given time.

After a motion has been made and seconded, the presiding officer states the motion. She then asks if there is any discussion. Before she gives anyone else the floor, she will look at the maker of the motion to see if she wants to speak first.

If the question under debate is one that has aroused a lot of attention and/or varying feelings, the presiding officer may say: “If there is no objection, no person will be allowed to speak more than twice to this issue and no more than three minutes each time.” Unless someone gets up, objects, and suggests other limits, those will be the limits of a person having the floor. If no limits are placed on debate and Robert’s Rules of Order is the group’s parliamentary authority, each speech is limited to ten minutes and no one may speak more than twice to an issue. In either case, no one may speak twice to an issue until everyone who wants a chance to speak has spoken once. Once a member has spoken twice, she may not speak to that issue again unless it is still being debated the next time the group meets on another day. Then she again gets two chances to speak. No one may “give their left-over time” to another member.

The presiding officer does her best to call on people according to whether they are for or against the issue, trying to alternate between each side.

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