Education Community Service

Education Community Service Program

Children’s Activity Kits

GFWC Hudson Woman’s Club (NH) created themed activity kits for their local library children’s room. The kits include books, puzzles, worksheets, and crafts. Members created a kit around the Woman’s History theme this year. This kit contained books, posters, and memorabilia related to the vital role women have played in the development of our nation. Once bags were completed, citizens were able to borrow them from the library.

Reality Store

GFWC Chesterton Woman’s Club (IN) conducted the Reality Store Program for Duneland School System eighth graders. Students were given a predetermined salary they could earn in their profession at age 28. During the Reality Store they visited tables where they paid expenses such as taxes, housing, childcare, utilities, etc. Some ended in bankruptcy, while others had money left over. Reality Store connected classroom, career, and family expectations that mirrored real life scenarios.

Chair—ity Auction

GFWC Thomaston Woman’s Club (CT) held a creative fundraiser for their scholarship fund. They began by acquiring chairs through tag sales and donations. Then, they found community residents who were interested in designing a decorative chair. Six chairs, two rockers, one piano bench, one child’s antique bench, and one stool were painted and displayed in various businesses throughout town, which generated a lot of interest for bidding on these items at auction.

Snuggle Bug Reading Club

GFWC Parkersburg Woman’s Club (WV) coordinated Snuggle Bug Reading Clubs for several second-grade classrooms in the county school system. Each student received a tote bag, three or four books, a soft fleece blanket, and a flashlight, so they could continue to read at home. During the initial meeting, members read stories, and then students were given their new supplies and encouraged to read under their blankets with the aid of the flashlight.

Adult Literacy Fundraiser

GFWC Junior Woman’s Department (TX) directed a scrabble tournament to raise $20,000 to provide help with an adult literacy effort. Club members participated in checking-in members, monitoring tables, keeping score, and providing food and beverages. The effort aided local adults who wanted to improve reading, writing, and English-speaking skills, and assisted those who want to earn a GED.

Great Seal of the United States

GFWC Suburban Woman’s Club of Lexington (KY) led a program on the Great Seal of the United States that was presented to fifth graders. The one-hour educational session was held over a two-day period. Discussion included the use of particular symbols, the reasons for choosing them, and citizenship. Students received a packet that included puzzles, word fill-ins, and terms pertaining to the Seal, plus an uncirculated one-dollar bill with the seal printed on the back.

Reading Party

GFWC Atlanta Woman’s Club (GA) members volunteered every month at the Atlanta Reading Center’s Reading Party. During the hour-long party, children gathered in a circle, introduced themselves, and were paired with a volunteer who shared a story. They enjoyed a healthy snack and selected a book to take home. With books in hand, they rejoined the circle where each received pajamas and applause. Background checks were a required component of volunteering.

Spelling Bee & Literacy

GFWC Boys Charity Group (NJ), is a unique club of 18 young males. They each took on a specific role for their annual spelling bee fundraiser, including set-up, clean-up, consolation prize presenter, door prize organizer, registration, flyer designer, and refreshment coordinator. Overall, they raised $175.00 for literacy charities. They purchased books at a book sale and donated them to a school in need. The remaining money was used to buy school supplies during the club’s annual backpack drive.

FLOW—Free Little Library on Wheels

GFWC Woman’s Club of Panama City (FL) sponsored a Free Little Library on Wheels that traveled throughout Bay County offering free books to schools and the community. Many community libraries were decimated by Hurricane Michael, and this library on wheels helped restore books and reading in the area. Better World Books donated a semi-truck load of 20,000 books. Members sorted, categorized, and re-packaged these books for the FLOW van that holds about 500 books. Children received one-three books each.

Rainbow Factory

GFWC Woman’s Club of Elkins (WV) supported an arts field trip for 27 special education students with a project known as the Rainbow Factory. The Community Arts Center provided space and helped with materials, the school district arranged transportation and communication, and the club assisted with art activities and provided food and drinks. The students benefited from this opportunity to explore freedom of expression in a stress-free environment.


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