Legislation/Public Policy Advancement

Legislation/Public Policy Advancement

Minimize Amount of Single-Use Plastics

GFWC Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove (FL) conducted a plastic-free initiative to minimize the amount of single-use plastics affecting local ecology and marine life. They formed the Florida Plastic Free Coalition, including local businesses, non-profit organizations, and concerned citizens, to work on local and state legislative initiatives to reduce and/or eliminate single-use plastics. They successfully lobbied for passage of a local resolution supporting action by the state legislature. Information on Coalition efforts was displayed in the Florida State Capitol Rotunda.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

GFWC Olympia Woman’s Club (WA) hosted a panel discussion on “Equal Pay for Equal Work.” Invited speakers addressed various topics including equal pay, pay negotiation, business planning, and the Equal Rights Amendment. The club gave partner organizations an opportunity to set up information tables so attendees could learn about local resources.

Women’s Historical Calendar

GFWC Laramie Woman’s Club (WY) spearheaded efforts of GFWC Wyoming to create a Wyoming Women’s Historical Calendar marking the 150th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the state, recognizing that Wyoming was the first state to grant the vote to women. To produce the calendar, members researched and compiled information about prominent Wyoming women, and they found individuals to pose as these women for the calendar.

Postcard Posse

GFWC Woman’s Citizenship Club (CO) is in an area with limited Internet service. To communicate with legislators about bills included in GFWC’s Brand Initiative, “Recognize the Red,” the club became the Postcard Posse. The club purchased and stamped postcards and held three postcard-writing parties where members wrote postcards to state senators and congressman representing their area. Members asked legislators to support the 3D Gun Safety Act, Miranda’s Law, and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act.

Students Preparing for Legislative Action

GFWC Woman’s Club of West Covina (CA) worked with the local high school to provide a program that asked students to review proposed legislation, debate the legislation, and determine how they would vote if they had the opportunity. The club also provided a pizza party to the students to thank them for their participation.

Vaping Among Teens Resolution

GFWC Juniorette Diamonds of Picayune (MS) worked with their advisors and the Mississippi chapter of the American Heart Association to formulate a proposed resolution dealing with the subject of vaping among teens. The resolution was unanimously approved at the GFWC Mississippi State Convention in April 2019 and was forwarded to the GFWC Resolutions Committee.

Legislative Issues

GFWC Dedham Junior Woman’s Club (MA) devoted an entire club meeting to an issue of legislative importance. The meeting focused on domestic violence awareness and prevention and included a dialogue on legislation that was needed at the local and state level. Members also discussed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019 and wrote postcards to legislators advocating for the passage of the Act.

Petition to Support Miranda’s Law

GFWC Northwest Suburban Woman’s Club (IL) decided to send a single petition asking their congressman to support the passage of the Miranda Vargas School Bus Act instead of sending individual postcards. The petition measured 2’ x 3’, and traveled to several club events so all members could sign it in red. This method of gathering the members’ signatures also allowed clubwomen the opportunity to discuss and understand the proposed legislation.

Legislation and Public Policy Priority

GFWC Holden Beach Woman’s Club (NC) made legislation and public policy a club priority. Discussion of GFWC’s legislative work was held at their new member orientation. New members were given handouts containing local, state, and national legislators contact information, and the town’s administrative guide. Members received this information electronically. Legislation and public policy were a feature in their monthly newsletter. The club ensured members were enrolled in GFWC’s Legislative Action Center and the GFWC-NC legislative alerts.

Keeping Members Aware and Involved

Three members of GFWC Selbyville Community Club (DE) attend every meeting of the Town Council so the club could be aware of issues being considered and voted upon at the local level. Members who attended the meeting gave reports to club members, allowing them to be involved in specific issues of importance to the club and community. Issues addressed included improvements to the town’s infrastructure and traffic safety measures aimed at protecting pedestrians.



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