Membership Advancement

Membership Advancement

Bee A Volunteer

GFWC Cartersville Woman’s Club (GA) held a recruitment event with the theme “Bee A Volunteer.” Bee items were used throughout, from invitations to table decorations and a handbook titled “Bee A Volunteer.” A speed-dating format was employed for potential members to learn about the Community Service Programs. The evening ended with a fun game of BEE-INGO and everyone in good spirits and wanting to know more.

Use of Social Media

GFWC Morris Woman’s Club (IL) went all out to use social media to showcase their club and recruit new members. The social media platforms included:, craigslist, Instagram, Facebook, club website, Google Phone Number, and Text Remind. Text Remind is an educational app that can be used by non-profits to send out text reminders, and it is FREE. They also used Google Drive to make documents accessible to its members.

Creative Way to Find New Members

GFWC Rexburg Civic Improvement Club (ID) took a unique approach to attracting new members. They visited each business in their medium-sized town and asked them to sponsor an employee as a member of the club. The business learned about the club and what they do for the community. Some businesses donated to the club, as well as giving a sponsorship.

Celebrating Member’s Contributions to the Club

GFWC Junior Federated Woman’s Club of Chester (VA) added a unique twist to recognizing their Member of the Month. The monthly ballot vote that recognizes a member for going above and beyond is announced as a surprise, when a sign, bearing the club’s logo, is placed in the yard of the honored member for a month. The sign enhances the name recognition of the club and is also a great conversation starter.

New Club Member Category – FRIENDS

GFWC Fort Walton Beach Women’s Club (FL) focused on new member recruitment and retention of established members. Recognizing the many obligations and limitations some women have such as home, work, or health issues, the club developed a new club member category: FRIENDS of the Fort Walton Beach Women’s Club. FRIENDS pay membership dues, participate in annual fundraisers if they can, support the President’s Project, and encourage new membership. In return they receive the monthly newsletter, a name tag, and club manuals.

Themed Membership Drive

GFWC Platte City Study Club (MO) held an October themed membership drive in a church fellowship hall. The theme was GFWC County Fair. They set the room up in four sections:  personal creations, crafts, games, and refreshments. Guest enjoyed looking at quilts and other items made by members and playing old-fashioned fair games like ring toss. Fall inspired refreshments were served and the room was decorated with fall décor.

Recruitment with a New Twist

GFWC Woodford County Woman’s Club (KY) tried a different approach to recruiting new members. To reach out to younger members, they distributed “Let’s Get Together” invitations at the Annual Twilight Festival. The informal gathering highlighted the many ways the club serves their community in a relaxed setting. The club had eight new members join after attending the Get Together.

Coffee and Cookies Gatherings

GFWC Woman’s Club of Raleigh (NC) held monthly Coffee and Cookies Gatherings for prospective members. These were informal events where current and new members were able to share information with guests. They explained the mission and structure of The Woman’s Club of Raleigh, GFWC-NC, and GFWC. Guests were given literature about the club and invited to the next general meeting. Guests were also given a bookmark with the Collect for Clubwomen printed on it.

The Day the Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic

GFWC Northboro Junior Woman’s Club (MA) used their year-end club meeting in a creative way to encourage members to return. Each member brought a much-loved Teddy Bear or other stuffed toy to introduce as their guest during roll call. Teddy Bear themed decorations were used. Each member was asked to bring an additional new teddy bear to the meeting to be included in donation bundles for children in foster care.

Juniorette Membership Drive and Mixer

GFWC Warren Juniorettes (OH) maximized promotion of their membership campaign. To make students aware of their kickoff event, flyers were posted around school inviting those interested in attending. Information was also posted on Facebook and other media outlets. At the event, club brochures, projects, and pictures were displayed, and the club president shared plans for future meetings and projects. Folders, schedules, and brochures were distributed and reviewed with each guest.




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