Women’s History and Resource Center Advancement

Women’s History and Resource Center Advancement

Votes for Women

GFWC Hemet Woman’s Club (CA) participated in the Hemet Christmas Parade with a plan to make the public aware of the anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Members dressed in period costume, wore a “Votes for Women” sash, and rode in a convertible in the parade route. They carried suffragist signs and a large banner proclaiming, “Hemet Woman’s Club Celebrating 110 Years of Community Service.”

Service is our “Special-TEA”

GFWC Kanawha Woman’s Club (VA), founded in 1978, counted down the days to May 20, 2019, the 40th anniversary of the club’s GFWC Charter. The president’s theme, Service is our Special-TEA, inspired the idea for members and their guests to celebrate with an afternoon tea. An authentic tea menu and proper service was researched, and the history and etiquette of royal tea traditions were shared. An oral history highlighting the club’s projects and programs over the past 40 years was featured.

Scrapbooking Club History

GFWC Women’s Club of Paramus (NJ) spent over 300 hours preserving their club’s history with a scrapbooking project. Members worked on current scrapbooks by taking pictures and posting them. For past years, members identified and logged events and photographs chronologically, preserving not only the pictures but the history of the club.

Windows into the Past

GFWC Miami Women’s Club, Inc. (FL) hosted a meeting featuring Bee Hines, the first black woman hired by the Miami Herald as a writer, and preservation leader Enid C. Pinkney, who worked to ensure the role of African Americans in Miami’s history is acknowledged. These two “windows into the past” communicated what life was like growing up in Miami from the 1940s to the present day.

Historical Service at the Old Meeting House

GFWC Bethany Woman’s Club (WV) organized an original project for their club and community history: an old-fashioned church service at the Old Meeting House, the first church in their community. The members and guests wore period clothing from the 1800s. To keep with tradition, the worship service was modeled after the time of the original founder, Alexander Campbell. After the service, the club provided refreshments.

A Little History Lesson

GFWC Evart Woman’s Club (MI) members gave a little history lesson at every meeting. To do so, a member chose a famous or well-known local woman and related stories about her life or how she became famous. One member chose Gloria Vanderbilt, the fashion icon and mother of Anderson Cooper, who inherited five million dollars at age 18 months. This project highlighted local history and the strong, interesting women who are part of it.

Passage of the 19th Amendment Celebrated

GFWC Selbyville Community Club (DE) celebrated the upcoming anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment by marching in costume in the Selbyville Halloween Parade and carrying banners/placards telling the history of the suffrage movement. Members paused at the reviewing stand while the announcer narrated the significance of the costumes and banners to onlookers. Applause and cheers showed the crowd’s support for women’s voting rights.

“Road to Vote” Holiday Tree

GFWC Skowhegan Women’s Club (ME) invited a Girl Scout troop to help decorate a tree at the Redington Memorial Assisted Living Home. The theme was the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Scouts were given information, quizzed on knowledge of voting and the 19th Amendment, and a mock election was held. After choosing and researching a woman from 14 high-profile suffragists, each Scout wrote a report to be used in decorating the “Road to Vote” holiday tree.

Women’s Suffrage Centennial Coalition

GFWC Monday Club of Johnson City (TN), one of GWFC’s original clubs, formed the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Coalition during the summer of 2019. They planned centennial activities including acquiring all white costumes, sashes, and hats to wear during events. They also secured a proclamation declaring August 18 as the Centennial Celebration of the Ratification of the Amendment. Tennessee’s vote was the deciding vote for passage of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote.

Women’s History and Resource Center Birthday Party

GFWC Eldorado Women’s Club (IL) hosted a Women’s History and Resource Center (WHRC) birthday party for attendees at the GFWC Illinois State Convention. A short history of the Women’s History and Resource Center was given by the WHRC state chairman and a birthday cake was served by the club. Each attendee received a WHRC brochure and instructions as to how they could become a member.



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