Communications and Public Relations Advancement Plan

Communications and Public Relations Advancement Plan

Flood Memorial Dedication

Jackson Woman’s Club (KY) partnered with their Tourism Board to add a Flood Memorial to their community park, which they also sponsor. It honors 32 community members lost in a flood in 1939. Invitations to the dedication ceremony were sent to surviving family members. The club ran PSAs on the radio, in print, and streamed the ceremony live on Facebook as attendance was limited. A local radio station also provided live coverage of the event.


Chamber Clubhouse

GFWC Fort Walton Beach Woman’s Club (FL) found themselves struggling with clubhouse maintenance expenses. After much negotiation, the club deeded their clubhouse to their local Chamber of Commerce, retaining the right to use it for board, general, and District meetings as well as social events. The Chamber completed a total renovation and has included the club in all publicity. They are currently planning a joint celebration of the Chamber’s 75th anniversary and the club’s 100th.



GFWC Ackerman Twentieth Century Club (MS) created 15 testimonial Facebook posts during their October membership drive. Each post highlighted an individual club member using the hashtag #IamGFWC. Posts included the club name, logo, a photo of the member, and why she belongs to the club. The posts were viewed 6,370 times during the campaign.


Liz Hurley Ribbon Run

The GFWC du Midi Woman’s Club (AL) has been a longtime sponsor of an annual Ribbon Run, honoring a local television reporter, Liz Hurley. The run was remote this year, but the club invited Liz to join them for a walk to honor those affected by breast cancer while club members were holding their club banner. Liz’s interview with several of the club members later aired on Huntsville’s WAFF 48 news.


Supporting the Community

Woman’s Club of Hermosa Beach (CA) decided to support local restaurants that had donated goods in the past. Each week for 12 weeks, they featured a local restaurant and encouraged the community to order take out and share their experience on social media. They created yard signs, stickers, and window signs that said “Support Local.” The signs also featured the club’s 100th anniversary and had a QR code that gave information on the club.


There’s an App for That

GFWC Marlborough Junior Woman’s Club (MA) introduced an app to its membership that could be used on their phone. The app can email all members, keep documents like Bylaws, Standing Rules, past newsletters, and more in one place. It also can notify members of meetings and send a Zoom link, as well as post upcoming events.


19th Amendment March

GFWC Cathlamet Woman’s Club (WA) planned a march in honor of the passage of the 19th Amendment. Dressed in 1920’s attire, proudly carrying flags and signs, the members marched up and down the city streets while staying socially distanced and wearing masks. They even had an antique car! They also had a table set up where they distributed voter registration information and GFWC and club literature. The march made the local paper.


Farmer’s Market in the Park

Woman’s Club of Wenonah (NJ) expanded the Wenonah Farmer’s Market, a community outreach program they started in 2019. They reached a massive audience through social media advertising. Their market website featured all vendors and offered pre-ordering. They also established a Facebook page and an Instagram account for the market. More than 1,200 people were served and most transactions were hands-free with curbside pickup available. This project gives them broad exposure in the community!


“Feel Good” Community Award

Woman’s Club of South Norfolk (VA) had to cancel their Holiday Christmas Tour, instead opting to promote a “Feel Good” Community Award. Homeowners received a gift from the club in recognition of their exceptionally decorated homes. Each gift was hand delivered with a GFWC brochure, “thank you” letter on club stationary, and the President’s card. They also mailed out additional letters to other homeowners with decorated homes as a show of appreciation.


Local Healthcare Heroes

Exeter Area GFWC (NH) delivered snack baskets to healthcare facilities to celebrate local healthcare workers. A Seacoast newspaper staffer met volunteers at one of the stops, and a story and photo was run about the project in the Exeter Community Newspaper.