Communications and Public Relations Advancement Plan

Communications and Public Relations Advancement Plan

Historic Clubhouse Open House & Ribbon Cutting

The GFWC Statesville Woman’s Club (NC) reintroduced itself and its historic clubhouse through an Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The main goal for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was public relations. Members spruced up the clubhouse, set out fall decor, and prepared refreshments. The mayor and ambassadors from the local chamber attended and articles were written in the local paper. The chamber also published a story about the open house in its newsletter and online.


What is Old is New Again

The GFWC Clarksville Woman’s Club (TN), a club originally formed more than a century ago, reactivated after leaving the Federation about 20 years ago. After the State President met with former members to discuss the club rejoining the Federation, they ultimately decided to do so. In less than six months, the club launched a website, created two Facebook pages, designed a club logo, published online and print articles, held an open house, and gained more than 50 members.


Golf Tournament

The GFWC Silver City Woman’s Club (NM) hosted their annual golf tournament. To promote their club, they added a club brochure to the swag bags given to each golfer with information about the club and their activities.


Bee-Lieve You Can

GFWC Palos Park Woman’s Club (IL) members were inspired by the State President’s focus on bees and created HIVES, a new way to communicate with each other. Each region – or HIVE – was assigned a “beekeeper” by the club president. Communication soared as each beekeeper was responsible for keeping their HIVE informed and connected and no member was left behind.


Annual Run/Walk/10K/5K

The GFWC Ashcake Woman’s Club, Inc. (VA) hosted their annual Harvest Run/Walk 10K/5K, using their event website. Ads were placed in local newspapers and posters were placed in local businesses. A four-foot by ten-foot banner was strategically placed on a busy roadway, promoting the race, and listing the GFWC Ashcake Woman’s Club as sponsor. Yard signs were also placed by members around Ashland, Virginia, to increase awareness of the event and club.


Local Youth Sponsorships

GFWC Candia Community Women’s Club (NH) sponsored their local Youth Athletic Association. In return, there is a banner displayed inside the facility with the GFWC logo and the club’s name for the community to view.


A Bicentennial Celebration

The GFWC Woman’s Club of Ste. Genevieve (MO) participated in the annual Jour de Fete Festival in August. In celebration of the bicentennial of Missouri, the club welcomed visitors to the oldest town in the state. Members handed out bottled water and told guests about the club as they boarded a trolley that took them to the festivities downtown. The club also placed an ad in the local paper to show support for the event.


Can You Hear Me Now?

The GFWC Jubilee Woman’s Club (AL) wanted to make sure their neighbors knew they were still active and ready to help during the pandemic. They created a short promotional video showing the club members in action and shared it on their Facebook page. They also set up a Venmo account and requested donations for their club projects in lieu of a fundraiser. They received online donations and gained a new member.


Round Robin Calls

The GFWC Town and Country Woman’s Club (PA) held three Round Robin calling activities in place of in-person meetings. One designated member would start the Round Robin by calling another club member and they would talk for 15 minutes. After ending that call, the person who was originally called would then call another member. This continued until the last caller phoned the designated member to close the circle.


Chamber Exposure

GFWC of Central Oregon (OR) maintains an active membership in the local chamber and their name is announced at weekly meetings. The club sees their exposure as vital to their community and being involved with the chamber allows them the opportunity to listen and learn about needs in their community. The club members also attend the chamber’s annual award banquet.