Education and Libraries Community Service Program

Education and Libraries Community Service Program

Virtual STEM Conference

The GFWC Northboro Junior Woman’s Club (MA) sponsored a virtual Women in STEM conference for 150 girls. Sixteen workshops held by STEM-related professionals were planned with hands-on projects. The club also purchased the supplies, goody bags, and T-shirts. The girls participated in various workshops throughout the day and heard from the keynote speaker on the topic of research. A donation was made to a local STEM education center to thank the volunteer speakers.


Hands-on Learning

GFWC LaFayette Woman’s Club (GA) supported middle school students with moderate disabilities in a creative way by donating time and supplies to assist the special needs class in their fundraising challenge. The STEM challenge encouraged hands-on learning such as sales, counting, and creating recipes. Members donated eggs, helped with cooking, and assisted the students in raising $835 in sales, alongside other school organizations such as FFA and Beta Club.


Pirate Adventures

The GFWC Outer Banks Woman’s Club (NC) hosted a pirate-themed event as they collaborated with their local Kid Fest organization. Activities included STEM-type science experiments with water, an obstacle treasure hunt, and a music-themed book walk. The 50 children in attendance were gifted pirate stickers, and a gift basket of pirate puzzles and books was raffled.


Community Sewing Classes

The GFWC Glendale Woman’s Club (AZ) taught sewing classes to girls in the community. Member instructors planned three projects for students to learn a variety of sewing techniques. Classes were held for three hours per day for four days at the clubhouse. Students completed a stuffed teddy bear, a tote bag, and a personal mask. A graduation ice cream party ceremony was held for students to display their new skills. All items were donated by members.


Look for a Book Project

GFWC Gloucester Woman’s Club (NJ) created a Look for a Book project to increase literacy in young children. Members placed picture books in Ziploc bags with flyers explaining the program with 175 books hidden around the community for children to find. Books were placed in parks and playgrounds across the county and other locations. Finders were encouraged to send pictures on social media of reading the found book and were featured in the local newspaper.


Book Walk

The GFWC Yoder Woman’s Club (WY) took a book walk each month in their town. Sixteen metal racks were placed along Main Street that each held different pages of a laminated book and allowed children to spend time outside walking and reading. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for elementary school students to walk the eight blocks to read one of the stories. Members cleaned and replaced the stories once a month.


Indoor Zoo

The GFWC DeQuincy Study Club (LA) helped their local elementary school increase the excitement of returning to school after various stressful events in the area, including hurricane devastations and COVID-19. They helped turn the school into a zoo, with each classroom housing a different animal theme and staff dressed up as animals. The club also provided National Geographic Young Explorer and National Geographic Explorer magazines for 260 students.


Read Across America

GFWC Jubilee Woman’s Club (AL) created a YouTube channel where videos were uploaded to celebrate Read Across America Day. A local author donated copies of his book Oscar’s Great Adventure, which were then provided to local school libraries. Members recorded the book and the recording had 295 views. The club reached 328 schools with more than 6,000 students impacted by their online project.


Drive-Through Graduation

GFWC Salem Area Woman’s Club (NH) celebrated their graduating seniors with a drive-through graduation program. The club contacted the photographer for the senior yearbook photos and had banners of each graduate’s picture displayed along the drive-through route. Personalized cards and a key chain charm were presented to each graduate from the club.


Golf Cart Library

The GFWC Tourist Club (MN), as the founders of the first library in their community, also started the first mobile golf cart library. The members prepared the golf cart, filled the mobile library with retired library books, and drove the cart weekly in the summer to a community event. The books were offered for free to community members and donations were accepted.