Legislation/Public Policy Advancement Plan

Legislation/Public Policy Advancement Plan

Legislation Day

The Rochester Junior Women’s Club (MI) hosted a remote Legislation Day, which included information about the history of GFWC’s legislative advocacy, a review of milestone legislation that GFWC has advocated for successfully, and more. A Michigan Senator also spoke during the event about the power of grassroots organizations, how governments work with organizations like GFWC, and how to successfully communicate with representatives. Members also played a Jeopardy-style game to learn about being non-partisan in a partisan world.


Use the GFWC Legislative Action Center

GFWC Taunton and Raynham Junior Woman’s Club (MA) members discussed GFWC’s latest priority issues during meetings and encouraged members to register for the Legislative Action Center (LAC). The legislative concerns were included in every club newsletter, and members were invited to draft unique letters to their representatives rather than using a mass-produced letter, which can be easier to disregard. Links to the GFWC LAC were also added to the club’s website.


Private Toll Bridge Advocacy

Columbiana Culture Club (AL) led a grassroots effort to educate their community about the environmental impact, increased traffic, and strain on public safety that would be a result of a proposed private toll bridge. Club members also contacted area legislators and county commissioners.


Lobbyist Speaker

The GFWC Tekonsha Research Club (MI) invited a lobbyist, who is also a member’s son, to speak at a club meeting. He explained how educational policy is shaped within government. Members also received handouts to help them better understand how lobbyists work to bridge educators and public policy makers.


Public Defender Tea

The Mesquite Club of Las Vegas (NV) hosted an afternoon tea event and invited a local public defender as the guest speaker. She spoke about the purpose of the Supreme Court, the history of the Court, and how its decisions relate to the U.S. Constitution.


Meet The Mayor

The Wake Forest Juniorettes Club (NC) invited their city mayor to attend their Zoom meeting in March. The mayor offered a summary of her early and college life and spoke about her term responsibilities as mayor. The club officers also prepared some additional questions. Overall, this meeting helped the Juniorettes learn about leadership and what it takes to be active in their community.


Pocket Constitution Booklets

The Wake Forest Woman’s Club (NC) Civil Engagement and Outreach Community Service Project Committee purchased 100 pocket U.S. Constitution booklets and donated them to the Northern Wake Senior Center. The booklets can be used to promote civic engagement and advocating for all rights, including voting rights.


Flag Collection and Retirement Project

The Fuquay-Varina Woman’s Club (NC) started a Flag Collection and Retirement Project to ensure American flags are retired properly. As part of this project, two grocery stores put out receptacles in their stores for area residents to bring old or worn-out flags. The flags were then taken to the American Legion for disposal. The project was promoted on Facebook and the club’s website and resulted in 60 flags being collected.


Munster Choice Council

GFWC Munster Junior Women’s Club (IN) members participated in a local council established by the chief of police that consists of people from all backgrounds. Members participated by educating, promoting, and raising awareness about creating a safe environment, community cooperation and involvement, and how to prevent gang violence and drug use.


Candidates Forum

The GFWC Dedham Junior Women’s Club (MA) hosted two candidates’ forums on Zoom. Community members were able to hear directly from the election candidates and understand their positions, allowing voters to make more informed voting decisions. The local cable TV network also attended, and both the candidates and members appreciated the opportunity to meet and hear from each other.