Membership Advancement Plan

Membership Advancement Plan

Spring Into Summer

The GFWC Bitterroot Club (MT) used the GFWC Recruitment Grant to set up a booth at the Spring Into Summer community nonprofit fair for residents to connect to volunteer organizations. The club decorated its booth with pictures of club activities using a freestanding banner and members engaged with interested visitors, passed out informational pamphlets, and gave out free seed packets labeled with club contact information. Members updated the club contact list with people who showed interest.


Multiplying Membership

GFWC Yankton (SD) members invited women in the community to attend a salad luncheon to learn about GFWC and the history of the club. Following the luncheon, attendees had time for questions and answers. Along with this event, the addition of 27 members to the club motivated the membership chairman to organize day trip fundraisers for the club’s community service programs while promoting friendships and member retention.


Getting To Know You

The Lemont Junior Woman’s Club (IL) Membership Team helped members connect with a “Getting to Know You” social media activity that provided a method for members to learn about each other from the comfort of their homes. A template was designed and posted on Facebook for members to complete with a picture and information about themselves. Each participating member was assigned a day to post their page, while others engaged by commenting on the posts to build connections.


Putting It All on The Table

The Junior Women’s Club of Barnesville (OH) used the GFWC Membership Grant to create restaurant-style placemats showcasing each of the seven community service programs, their club’s name, date, and time of meetings, a “Proud to be a Volunteer” message, the GFWC logo, and contact information. Each mat noted the club’s Facebook page and information about an opportunity to win a $50 gas card by taking a selfie at the restaurant and posting it to the club’s Facebook page.


Get To Know Your Neighbors

The Gunter Ladies for Tomorrow Club (TX) was started in July 2021 when a 40-year GFWC member moved into an area that did not have a federated club and few opportunities for women to volunteer together. She posted in a neighborhood Facebook group asking if anyone was interested in forming a club and received 60 responses. With no prior knowledge of GFWC, they caught the “volunteer spirit” and formed a club with 22 members, with 16 more joining later.


Building Family

Chartered in 2020, GFWC Iowa Quad Cities Woman’s Club (IA) hosted a Sunday Family Lunch with members inviting their spouses and children to build family ties. The event was an excellent way for the newly formed club to become better acquainted. Realizing that members are like family in a federated club, this event provided a time to bond and for members to understand and appreciate the volunteer service of their club.


Puzzling Adventures

GFWC Woman’s Club of the Midlands (SC) held a Puzzling Adventures social and dinner that included a trivia and history tour of Columbia, South Carolina. Members were divided into two teams and used game software to earn points based on correct answers to history-based questions and submitted pictures. Club members got a lot of exercise, enjoyed friendly competition, saw historical sites, and enjoyed dinner together at a local restaurant as they got to know each other better.


New Members and Orientation

GFWC Moultrie Junior Woman’s Club (GA) hosted a new member social to prepare seven individuals for membership. The presenters explained upcoming projects, offered a question-and-answer time, and served refreshments. They also provided a new member orientation using an in-depth slideshow to provide more insight into their club, District, and State Federation structure. New members received a notebook that included a membership directory, the Collect for Clubwomen, the GFWC Constitution, and Bylaws.



The Women’s Club of Hollister (CA) has a member-only Bunko group that meets monthly. They share upcoming events, ask for volunteers for projects, and request donations for projects as needed. Several Bunko players are members who work and cannot attend their regular club luncheons. This alternative club get-together keeps them informed and gets the creative juices flowing within the group.


Celebrating the Clubwoman of the Month

The Junior Federated Women’s Club of Chester (VA) recognizes a Clubwoman of the Month each month. Voted on by the membership by secret ballot, the recognition is for going above and beyond the club requirements. A sign with the JFWCC symbol is placed in the front of the member’s home for all to see for an entire month and a photo is posted on social media to spotlight the member while publicizing club opportunities locally.