Membership Advancement Plan

Membership Advancement Plan

Promoting Club Service During A Pandemic

The GFWC Taunton and Raynham Junior Woman’s Club (MA) went all out looking for ways to promote their club during the pandemic. The club supported the city’s first responders with gift cards, provided local high schools with scholarships, made donations to organizations that support children, and participated in state and club fundraisers. They brought recognition to the club through local newspapers, club newsletters, Facebook, and their website.


Finding Members Among the Pumpkins

GFWC Women’s Civic League (UT) wanted to remain in GFWC, so they regrouped and reorganized. Planning meetings and projects, installing new officers, and rewriting bylaws was the focus of the 10 remaining members. Members organized a Pumpkin Walk to bring the community together safely on the Holmgren Nature Trail. This event was a huge success resulting in 15 new members.


Meet and Greet Wine and Cheese Social COVID Style

The Women’s Club of Gulfport (MS) held a drive-through membership recruitment event COVID-19-style with a “P.J. Party” for domestic violence awareness and a “Meet and Greet Wine and Cheese Social” for prospective members. Officers distributed swag bags with wine and cheese to go, “Living the Volunteer Spirit” pamphlets, and information on club projects, as current members drove through to donate pajamas and socks and introduce their guests, resulting in three new members.


Meeting in a Bag

GFWC Iowa Solon Women’s Club (IA) held their October membership drive in the library parking lot where attendees received an activity bag that contained GFWC and club history, instructions, a large crochet hook, and plastic grocery bags to make a mat for people without homes. Additionally, the bag held empty pill bottles for a future project and greeting card supplies for the nursing home. This successful “Meeting in a Bag” kept members engaged while they stayed safely at home.


Reporting for Retention

Les Dames d’Etude (LA) used simple projects to retain members! Since much of the club’s volunteer work was completed at regular meetings and members did not realize how much they accomplished, the club president reviewed a brief portion of the club’s annual report and announced the awards they received. This reminded members how much they achieved and why they received an award. It increased individual pride and their sense of accomplishment as members of a club.


Getting Our Members Hammered

Members of the GFWC Northwest Suburban Woman’s Club (IL) gave each of their 28 members a drive-by parade. On Wednesday afternoons in April and May, parade participants drove to honoree homes with balloons flying, streamers waving, and horns blaring. Upon arrival, one member would pop out of the car to “hammer” a sign saying, “An Awesome Member Lives Here,” another snapped a photo to post on their club’s Facebook page, and another delivered a bottle of sparkling wine to the door.


Roll-on in with Us at GFWC

The GFWC Morehead Woman’s Club (KY) used a social media blitz to promote the club and invite potential members to “Roll-on in with Us” at GFWC. An ice cream party was held in the downtown entertainment area with “Roll Over Creamery” providing the sweet treats. GFWC Ice Cream Bingo, with numbers correlating with ice cream pictures, was played and information was given about the organization’s history, programs, and current projects. Throughout the blitz and event, the club welcomed 12 new members.


What’s in Your Bag?

The GFWC Centennial Woman’s Club of Tullahoma (TN) incorporated creative activities into their meetings to engage their club members. We all know how many things can fit into a purse or bag. “What’s in Your Bag?” put a COVID-19 spin on the game with a list of 30 things you may need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members earned points for each item found in their bags. Examples included face masks, hand sanitizer, and a takeout menu. The winner received a roll of toilet paper and a mask.


Dialing Divas

The GFWC du Midi Woman’s Club (AL) formed the du Midi Dialing Divas to help with member retention. Nineteen Dialing Divas reached out to assigned members prior to each month’s Zoom meeting and club “drop-off” days to make sure all club women were aware of club activities. This was also a time to catch up and talk with members that were feeling isolated and lonely due to the pandemic.


Join Us at the Beach Membership Recruiting Coffee

The GFWC Woman’s Club of MacClenny (FL) held a “Join us at the Beach” Membership Recruiting Coffee. Upon arrival, guests were given a pair of mix-matched flip-flops with instructions to mingle to make a matching pair. Themed programs outlining GFWC programs and projects were distributed, a senior member gave an introduction on what it means to be a GFWC member, and door prizes of sand buckets filled with beach items and flip-flop wall hangings were given, resulting in four new members.