Signature Program: Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention

Signature Program: Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention

Purple Pumpkin Project

The Princeton Junior Woman’s Club (IL) participated in the Purple Pumpkin Project for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October to raise funds for Princeton’s Freedom House. Club members painted pumpkins, which were sold for a monetary donation of $7 each. In total, the club raised $6,500, and all the proceeds went to the Freedom House.


Appreciation Bags

The Wake Forest Woman’s Club (NC) sewed fabric Appreciation Bags to give to the support staff of Safe Space, a local nonprofit organization that aims to reduce domestic and sexual violence in the community. The bags were filled with inspirational items such as mugs, poems, sweets, tea, and painted rocks. The Wake Forest Juniorettes also participated by creating handmade cards with personal notes of appreciation.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Cyber Club members from seven states with the GFWC Sweet Home Alabama Club (AL) worked on several different projects during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. One project involved a member sharing a local shelter’s wish list with family, friends, and coworkers, and creating a drop-box location for donations. Other projects included working with the Purple Leash Project and donating cleaning supplies, paper goods, and other necessities to shelters.


Haven House Shelter

The seven members of the Circleville Junior Woman’s Club (OH) worked together to provide residents and staff of the Haven House Shelter with fresh garden produce, casseroles, and baked goods. This emergency shelter provides temporary food and shelter to children and families.


Foster Care Project

The GFWC San Tan Valley Woman’s Club (AZ) supported children ages 7-17 in group homes by donating $500 worth of socks and underwear, renting a room at a local recreation hall to host a Christmas party for the kids, and raising money with the help of the community. The club raised enough money to give 20 children $100 gift cards. Clubwomen also donated blankets, pillows, and a handmade pillowcase.


Hope Bags

The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs (CO) filled 32 Hope Bags with clothing items such as socks, bras, and underwear and gave the bags to local law enforcement agencies to use when they remove an individual from human trafficking situations.


Feeding Youth Without Homes

The Billings Junior Woman’s Club (MT) worked to help feed youth ages 14-21 experiencing homelessness due to unstable home situations and concerns such as drug availability, mental health, the risk of suicide, and sex trafficking. Through grants and community support, clubwomen provided a monthly hot meal to 30 to 50 young people. They also delivered boxes with additional food supplies, hygiene and toiletry products, clothing, and blankets.


Grateful Garment

The 11 members of the West Valley Federated Woman’s Club (CA) provided a $10,000 grant to Grateful Garment, which provides clothing to survivors of sexual assault who must undergo forensic rape exams. As part of the exam process, these individuals must leave their clothes to be tested for evidence. Grateful Garment works with police departments, hospitals, and human trafficking agencies.


Sand between the Grooves

The GFWC Woman’s Club of Hartland (WI) poured purple sand into grooves of the sidewalks in downtown Hartland during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. The sand was a tool to draw the attention of passersby to a sign that read, “The sand between the grooves acknowledges victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking who have fallen through the cracks.”


Free The Girls

The GFWC Pocono Mountain Woman’s Club (PA) collected 200 gently used bras to support Free the Girls, an organization devoted to helping sex trafficking survivors find a path to economic freedom, restored health, social well-being, and education. The bras that are sent to Free the Girls help the survivors start a business selling the bras.