Prepare for Women’s History Month

February 28, 2017

Women’s History Month in March gives GFWC a platform to share our nearly 127-year-history of volunteer service. In addition to attending the Women’s History Month Reception on March 9, you can get involved in a number of ways on GFWC social media.

Share posts with the hashtag #BecauseofHer
Because of the efforts of clubwomen such as Jane Cunningham Croly, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Lilly Ledbetter, women enjoy more equality and freedom today than many of our foresisters. Starting March 1, GFWC will be sharing posts highlighting the accomplishments of clubwomen throughout history using the hashtag #BecauseofHer. We encourage you to use this hashtag in your posts as well. A hashtag is simply a word or phrase—in this case, Because of Her— preceded by a hash or pound sign (#). Putting a pound sign before a phrase turns it into a link. Using the hashtag #BecauseofHer will group all posts using this hashtag together, so if you search #BecauseofHer on Facebook or Twitter or click on the link created by the hashtag, you will see all of the posts that have used this hashtag. You can turn any phrase into a hashtag, but some common ones that GFWC uses include #WisdomWednesday, #ThrowbackThursday, and #OnThisDay. Please click here to read more about hashtags, and send any questions to

Submit stories of local clubwomen for the GFWC Pinterest Page
Do you know a clubwoman whose accomplishments have made your town a better place? We would like to showcase these stories on the GFWC Pinterest page as part of Women’s History Month. Send a photo and caption describing the work of notable clubwomen in your town, past or present, to

Update Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo
Stay tuned to the GFWC Facebook page and News & Notes for information on updating your profile picture and cover photos to promote Women’s History Month.


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