The GFWC Bylaws govern the internal management of GFWC as an organization. Each year, the
six-member Bylaws Committee prepares a list of Proposed Bylaws Amendments to be considered at the GFWC Annual Convention.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments are considered during Convention Business Sessions and are voted on by those GFWC members with voting credentials. To be approved, two-thirds of the voting delegates must vote in favor of a proposed amendment. The Bylaws as amended are posted to GFWC’s Governance web page following the approval of the Convention minutes. Visit the Credentials and Voting page of this Call to Convention to learn who qualifies as a voting delegate.

This Year’s Proposed Amendments

Download the Proposed Bylaws Amendments that will be considered at the 2022 GFWC Annual Convention. All delegates are strongly encouraged to print a copy of the Proposed Amendments and bring them to Convention.

Bylaws Committee

Chairman: Carol Habgood

Becky Weber (Illinois)
Joyce DeCunzo (Montana)
Brooke Huddleston (Louisiana)
Henri Belcher-Stack (Delaware)
Advisor: Ida Dorvee, GFWC Parliamentarian (RP)