Candidates for Office

2022–2024 Candidates for Office

At the 2022 GFWC Annual Convention, members in attendance will cast their votes for 2022-2024 GFWC Executive Officers. All candidates for office are listed below, who you can learn more about on pages 18-22 of the Winter 2022 GFWC Clubwoman Magazine (located within the “C” Resources folder of the Member Portal’s Digital Library).

Suellen B. Brazil
Candidate for GFWC President-elect

Wendy Carriker
Candidate for GFWC First Vice President

Jolie R. Frankfurth
Candidate for GFWC Second Vice President

Mary Beth Williams
Candidate for GFWC Secretary

Henrietta “Henri” Belcher-Stack
Candidate for GFWC Treasurer

Ida Dorvee
Candidate for GFWC Treasurer

Kristina Higbee
Candidate for GFWC Treasurer

Becky Wright
Candidate for GFWC Treasurer

Shannon Bailey
Candidate for GFWC Director-elect of Junior Clubs

Call for Questions

According to GFWC Standing Rule 8. Candidates for Office j) In the event of a contested election and subsequent to the speeches, an independent moderator shall facilitate a question and answer session for all candidates during Convention Business Sessions. Questions to pose to candidates should focus on their individual experiences, strategic vision for GFWC, and leadership skills. Questions will be selected at random, and the candidates will have two minutes to answer.

Please send your questions by email to GFWC Elections Chairman Linda Crish by May 15, 2022.