Candidates For Office

2020-2022 Candidates for Office

Debra “Deb” Strahanoski
Candidate for GFWC President-elect

Suellen B. Brazil
Candidate for GFWC First Vice President

Wendy Carriker
Candidate for GFWC Second Vice President

Jolie Frankfurth
Candidate for GFWC Secretary

Henrietta “Henri” Belcher-Stack
Candidate for GFWC Treasurer

Candace Edwards
Candidate for GFWC Treasurer

Mary Beth Williams
Candidate for GFWC Treasurer

Katie Moydell
Candidate for GFWC Director-elect of Junior Clubs

Call for Questions

In the event of a contested position for election and subsequent to the speeches, the Chairman of the Elections Committee shall facilitate a question and answer session. This will occur in the business hall, time to be announced in the Convention Program. A list of possible questions shall be electronically solicited from clubwomen. The International President, Director of Junior Clubs, and the Elections Committee Chairman will vet the possible questions. Candidates endorsed for a contested position, shall answer no less than two questions, with a one-minute response to each question. The candidate/s running for the highest office shall take the first question/s, with the candidate order by lottery.

Please send your questions by email to GFWC Elections Chairman Cynthia Kay Geis by May 15, 2020.


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March 23

Volunteers in Action: GFWC Bridgeport Junior Woman’s Club (West Virginia), GFWC South Baldwin Woman’s Club (Alabama), and GFWC Tennessee

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