Credentials & Voting

All GFWC members are invited to attend the GFWC Annual Convention. However, not all attendees have voting privileges. In accordance with GFWC Bylaws, Article VIII, each club is permitted a certain number of voting delegates. To determine your voting status during GFWC Business Sessions, credential cards are issued onsite at the GFWC Registration Desk. Credential cards are not mailed in advance and must be picked up onsite. When completing your registration, indicate your voting status and the capacity in which you are a delegate. Your voting status is then verified by the GFWC Credentials Committee. Read the to be proposed Bylaws amendments and the to be proposed Resolutions (new, amendments, and those to rescind) that will be discussed.


  • To qualify as a voting delegate, a full Convention registration fee must be paid. Daily attendees do not receive a vote.
  • After checking into the hotel, your first stop should be the GFWC Registration and Welcome Desks to pick up your Convention materials. The Credentials Committee will be ready to assist with any questions.
  • Each delegate must pick up and sign for her own credentials. Voting delegates receive a white voting card. The Credentials Committee keeps a portion of the card, and the other portion is yours to use during voting.
  • If you register in a non-voting capacity, you receive a blue non-voting card, and you are not permitted to vote at Convention.
  • Only an accredited delegate may introduce motions, debate, and vote.
  • No delegate may represent more than one organization or be entitled to more than one vote.
  • No proxy voting shall be allowed.
  • A member registering as a nonvoting member may, upon proper clearance by the Credentials Committee, be transferred to a delegate status during a business session meeting.


Debbie Hall
2018–2020 GFWC Credentials Chairman

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March 23

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