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June 30
6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

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The GFWC Annual Convention Service Project is looking for volunteers to assist in creating 1,000 Self-Care Packages for parents with a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). A baby’s NICU stay is often unexpected, leaving families alone in an unfamiliar world. The stress of having a baby in the NICU can go on for weeks and months. It can be tiring to learn so much about your baby’s medical condition and make care and treatment decisions. No parent is fully prepared for life in the NICU, but parents can find comfort and relief by taking care of themselves. The self-care packages for parents is one step in helping parents to care for themselves so they can continue to care for their baby.

How to Reach the Goal

Each of GFWC’s eight regions will be in charge of a specific NICU Care Package item, remembering that only travel-sized items will fit:

Great Lakes Region Travel-sized Toothpaste
Middle Atlantic Region Toothbrushes (individually wrapped)
Mississippi Valley Region Bar of Soap
New England Region Travel-sized Body Lotion
South Central Region 1,100 Gallon-sized Zip Lock Storage Bags
Southeastern Region  Travel-sized Deodorants (For Men and Women)
Southern Region Travel-sized Shampoos
Western States Region Travel-sized Conditioners

Those attending Convention may choose to bring the items in their luggage (please follow TSA guidelines). For clubwomen not attending Convention, or if your luggage is already filled to the brim, the best way to help would be to send a check by June 1 to GFWC Headquarters made out to GFWC with “2019 Service Project” and your region in the memo line. Your donation will be used to purchase supplies at the Sam’s Club or Costco in Austin at the time of Convention. Please do not send toiletries to GFWC Headquarters. No perishables, aerosols, or alcohol-based items, please.


Contact: Jennifer Simpson

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May 13

Volunteers in Action: The Salem Area Woman’s Club; Women’s Club of Indian River; GFWC Yorba Linda Woman’s Club; Needham Women’s Club

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