Annual Report

Annual Report

2018 Program Statistics

Thanks to each and every club that reported activities, volunteer hours, and dollar and in-kind donations to their states for the 2018 calendar year! Since March 2019, GFWC Headquarters has been busy totaling all of the progress made in 2018 to further GFWC’s Signature Program, Juniors’ Special Program, Community Service Programs, and Advancement Areas. Join GFWC in celebrating these results as we usher in a new decade with 2020.

The below annual statistic totals include partner donations.

Grand Totals

Number of Projects: 160,547
Volunteer Hours: 6,318,871.97
Dollars Donated: $30,715,233.38
In-Kind Donations: $10,287,596.68

By Focus

Signature Program
Number of Projects: 3,830
Volunteer Hours: 105,628
Dollars Donated: $587,580.50
In-Kind Donations: $844,902.38

Juniors’ Special Program
Number of Projects: 3,867
Volunteer Hours: 137,181
Dollars Donated: $1,531,270.93
In-Kind Donations: $770,891.29

Number of Projects: 9,930
Volunteer Hours: 574,257
Dollars Donated: $ 1,145,812.72
In-Kind Donations: $ 688,500.58

Number of Projects: 7,301
Volunteer Hours: 386,159.80
Dollars Donated: $ 742,688.65
In-Kind Donations: $ 862,270.49

Number of Projects: 10,704
Volunteer Hours: 540,723.15
Dollars Donated: $ 4,420,216.61
In-Kind Donations: $ 1,508,904.88

Home Life
Number of Projects: 13,383
Volunteer Hours: 774,208.69
Dollars Donated: $ 3,593,658.68
In-Kind Donations: $ 2,891,274.24

International Outreach
Number of Projects: 5,341
Volunteer Hours: 134,311.90
Dollars Donated: $698,385.07
In-Kind Donations: $74,333.57

Public Issues
Number of Projects: 8,584
Volunteer Hours: 381,732
Dollars Donated: $1,359,852.54
In-Kind Donations: $ 1,910,555.94

Advancement Areas
Number of Projects: 42,158
Volunteer Hours: $ 2,061,150.81
Dollars Donated: $ 3,482,490.19



April 6

Volunteers in Action: GFWC Oconomowoc Junior Woman’s Club, GFWC Clifton Community Woman’s Club, and Riverside Woman’s Club

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