Annual Report

Annual Report

2017 Program Statistics

The GFWC Annual Report is a snapshot in time, showcasing clubwomen’s commitment to the Federation’s mission. 2017 was a year of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm as GFWC continued to empower members to open doors in their communities. Donations of both time and money enabled GFWC to improve the lives of countless individuals and communities. Of course, this work is not done, and GFWC clubwomen look forward to the results of 2018 and what they can accomplish together in 2019.

The below statistical totals include partner donations.

Grand Totals

Number of Projects: 206,431
Volunteer Hours: 7,370,038.15
Dollars Donated: $ 56,451,713.35
In-Kind Donations: $11,022,507.49

By Focus

Signature Program
Number of Projects: 5,504
Volunteer Hours: 152,211
Dollars Donated: $ 1,095,777.76
In-Kind Donations: $ 1,160,946.14

Juniors’ Special Program
Number of Projects: 3,390
Volunteer Hours: 127,555
Dollars Donated: $ 1,449,947.93
In-Kind Donations: $ 425,651.11

Number of Projects: 12,428
Volunteer Hours: 601,316
Dollars Donated: $ 1,035,913.27
In-Kind Donations: $ 735,204.21

Number of Projects: 7,698
Volunteer Hours: 420,029
Dollars Donated: $ 684,718.44
In-Kind Donations: $ 679,310.90

Number of Projects: 11,248
Volunteer Hours: 590,643
Dollars Donated: $ 4,758,773.97
In-Kind Donations: $ 1,955,366.91

Home Life
Number of Projects: 36,452
Volunteer Hours: 1,342,889.85
Dollars Donated: $ 4,075,353.92
In-Kind Donations: $ 2,997,209.11

International Outreach
Number of Projects: 5,525
Volunteer Hours: 142,560
Dollars Donated: $ 822,298.33
In-Kind Donations: $ 568,010.03

Public Issues
Number of Projects: 9,892
Volunteer Hours: 445,913.61
Dollars Donated: $ 1,447,585.83
In-Kind Donations: $ 2,382,144.45

Advancement Areas
Number of Projects: 63,258
Volunteer Hours: 3,282,763.55
Dollars Donated: $ 40,982,304.14
In-Kind Donations: $ 118,864.63



January 7

Volunteers in Action: GFWC Circleville Junior Women’s Club (Ohio), GFWC Women’s Club of Farmingdale (New York), GFWC West Side Woman’s Club (Pennsylvania)

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