The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization chartered in Washington, D.C. to fulfill a mission of enhancing communities through volunteer service.

GFWC Governance Documents

Strategic Plan

Introduction to the GFWC Strategic Plan Core Values Implementation Toolkit

GFWC Core Values Implementation Toolkit

The current GFWC Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Directors at the June 2016 Board of Directors Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.

GFWC Charter


GFWC Standing Rules

Audited Financial Statements and IRS Form 990

GFWC’s audited financial statements are published for its members. GFWC’s Board of Directors and management professionals act as stewards of the organization, but it belongs to members, past, present, and future. We publish the audited statements as a commitment to transparency and accountability in governance.

The statements are prepared by Rogers and Company, PLLC, an independent audit agency. We conduct periodic reviews to assure continuing objectivity on the part of the auditors, who report to the Executive Committee of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

To assist you in viewing GFWC’s financial report in appropriate context, please consider the following:

  • Our program and activities follow a two-year administration cycle, but GFWC operates on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year
  • GFWC’s Annual Convention occurs in the last month of each fiscal year, so we frequently collect income in one fiscal year, but pay expenditures for the previous year’s event in the another fiscal year. For example, income related to the 2012 GFWC Annual Convention was collected in FY2012, but certain expenditures related to the event are paid in FY2013, and will be so reflected in FY2013 financial statements

The bottom line is that GFWC is in solid financial condition. At this time, a large portion of our income is generated by membership dues. We continue to increase our non-dues based revenue sources to maintain and increase our income, and continually evaluate cost-savings opportunities.


May 13

Volunteers in Action: The Salem Area Woman’s Club; Women’s Club of Indian River; GFWC Yorba Linda Woman’s Club; Needham Women’s Club

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Success For Survivors Scholarship

Each year, GFWC awards scholarships to help intimate partner abuse survivors obtain a post-secondary education that offers a chance to reshape their future by securing employment and gaining personal independence.

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