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Visiting: Currently Closed

As GFWC continues to evaluate its internal operations, the Women’s History and Resource Center will be closed until further notice. The pandemic has created an opportunity to review how Headquarters is best able to connect with and serve the GFWC membership and the general public. We appreciate your patience as the GFWC Executive Committee sets the pathway to reopening the WHRC.

GFWC Headquarters is not just an office. It’s a home and a National Historic Landmark, located at 1734 N Street, NW in Washington D.C. The building became GFWC’s official headquarters in 1922. GFWC members, political dignitaries, celebrities, notable professionals, and historians are among the thousands of visitors to have walked Headquarters’ venerable hallways since 1922. The building’s historic style has been maintained through generous contributions from members and friends.