2024-2026 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, led by the GFWC International President, represents GFWC members on a national scale. Each elected Executive Committee member serves a two-year term in her position and is then eligible to run for the next highest office. The exceptions are the Director of Junior Clubs and Parliamentarian, who are appointed by the President. During her administration, the GFWC International President lives at GFWC Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Suellen Brazil

GFWC International President

GFWC Alabama

Member since 1973

Wendy Carriker

GFWC President-elect

GFWC North Carolina

Member since 1985

Jolie Frankfurth

GFWC First Vice President

GFWC Florida

Member since 1997

Mary Beth Williams

GFWC Second Vice President

GFWC Colorado

Member since 2007

Dr. Susan Gettys

GFWC Secretary

GFWC Missouri

Member since 2009

Juliet Casper

GFWC Treasurer

GFWC South Carolina

Member since 2002

Shannon Bailey

GFWC Director of Junior Clubs

GFWC Florida

Member since 1997

Carol Habgood

GFWC Parliamentarian

GFWC Texas

Member since 2003

Meet the 55th GFWC International President

Suellen B. Brazil, GFWC Alabama

GFWC Staff

These dedicated, full-time staff members work at GFWC’s historic headquarters in Washington D.C. to provide resources, produce events, manage communications, preserve history, and assist GFWC clubwomen from around the world.

Cheri Meyer

Chief of Operations

Nishu Raina

Events Manager

Melanie Gisler

Membership Director

Stacy Mayuga

Communications Director

Joanna Church

Women’s History & Resource Center Librarian


Programs & Public Policy Specialist


Design & Publications Manager

Olivia Higgins

Office & Membership Coordinator

Daleth Holley

Executive & Finance Coordinator