The GFWC Civic Engagement and Outreach Community Service Program reminds us that each of us is part of a larger society and is responsible for undertaking actions that will create a better quality of life and foster a sense of community—locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. This CSP features programming focused on citizenship; crime prevention, safety, and disaster preparedness; those in need, food insecure, and unhoused; and our military personnel and veterans. Collectively GFWC addresses issues of public concern.

2023 Program Statistics

731,000 Volunteer Hours

13,986 Projects Completed

Why it Matters

Volunteering is one of the best ways to put civic duty into action, and it is often the first step in building a stronger connection to community. However, there are other ways to contribute, such as advocating, fundraising or donating, and problem-solving. Locally, even supporting small businesses and keeping an eye on your neighbor can play a part in improving the community. The possibilities are endless. GFWC’s focus continues to be addressing issues impacting our local, state, and national communities.

“If you have a plan, we want to hear it.  Tell your community leaders, your local officials, your governor, and your team in Washington.  Believe me, your ideas count.  An individual can make a difference.”
—George H.W. Bush

Preparation Saves Lives

Civic Engagement and Outreach Community Service Program Club Projects:

GFWC Marlton Woman’s CLub, New Jersey

A fifth-grade writing contest was sponsored, and 24 children participated. The topics were why celebrate Veterans Day, the history of Veteran’s Day, and how to show support for a veteran. The top essays were read, and the winners received a gift card. The winners read their work at a Veteran’s celebration. The Veterans were touched by the students’ personal recognition.

gfwc Maury County Woman’s Club, Tennessee

At the beginning of the school year, local schools receive a gift basket filled with bandages, wipes, ice packs, Chapstick, t-shirts, sweatpants, underwear, and a gift card for any additional needs throughout the year. This basket is given to the school for use as needed. It helps supplement the nurse’s school budget.





2023 GFWC Statistical Data