Individual Members

Sometimes we find ourselves in a new place, a new town, and we want to connect with people in the community, not just on social media, but a true in-person connection. A GFWC club may be the right place to meet new people and make connections for book clubs or movies, while doing good for your community.

Maybe you find that you are working all the time and would like to dabble in good works, and are looking for an already organized group with like-minded individuals to work with. GFWC clubs are the heart of many communities across the nation. Members volunteer to help their communities battling domestic violence by working in women’s shelters to helping improve the environment by creating butterfly gardens in public parks. GFWC members plan for their GFWC National Day of Service, where GFWC clubs across the nation and internationally will battle a national issue on the same day.

Each state has a state federation. Many state federations have websites where you can learn more about clubs in your area. Search “GFWC (the state you are in)” and if a state federation has a website, it will pop up.  If your state federation does not have a website, please contact GFWC Headquarters at and we can help you connect to your state federation leaders who can then identify the club closest to you.


Start a New Club

Are you in a book club with fantastic readers who would like to connect to other reading clubs and may also be looking for other opportunities to connect with your community? Are you a group of like-minded individuals who are interested in meeting to get involved in your community? Maybe you are already a club and would like to connect with other clubs nationally? If there is a yes to any of these questions, you may want to start a new GFWC club. Interested in starting a new GFWC club? Let us know which state you reside in so we can put you in contact with the GFWC State Federation President.

GFWC Atlanta Women’s Club, Georgia


All new clubs are required to write GFWC club bylaws and remit dues to the State Federation. Annual GFWC National dues are $15 per person. However, GFWC clubs, districts, and State Federations may assess additional dues beyond the $15 per capita GFWC dues.

State Federation

Once you have organized a club and submitted your club’s bylaws, club roster, and dues to the State Federation, the State Federation will send a completed New Club Form to GFWC Headquarters.


The new GFWC club will then receive a New Club Welcome Packet, which contains a welcome letter and certificate signed by the International President, GFWC brochures, Member Portal flyers, and other resources of value to a new club, as well as be added to the mailing lists for GFWC Clubwoman Magazine, News & Notes, and other special messages.

Questions? Reach out to the Membership Director or Office and Membership Coordinator.