GFWC Membership: Bridging the Gap In Your Communities

November 14, 2016

By Vicki Weber
GFWC Membership Committee Member

How many times have you heard or said that GFWC is the best kept secret out there? It’s time to let the secret out. What are you doing as a club or as a clubwoman to spread the word? To attract new members, most clubs use various marketing strategies such as social media, web pages, newspapers, and the like to publicize who we are and what we do as members of GFWC. Have you thought about putting together a Community Impact Statement for your club to retain and gain membership? This statement is a valuable marketing tool that shows current and prospective members your club’s impact in
your community. You can incorporate your Community Impact Statement into your social media, web pages and other means you use to spread the word about GFWC. Or use it as a one-sheet, stand-alone piece.

Let your community know about the projects you do and the charities you support. What should you include in your Community Impact Statement? It should contain specific information about your club’s work and should be updated yearly, or as needed, to reflect the most current information about your projects, donations, and volunteer hours.

Let your community know about the projects you do and the charities you support. Share whatever activities your club is spearheading in your community. Some examples: How many pounds of food did you distribute at your local food bank? How many books have you read to classes; how many trees have you planted? Don’t be afraid to share your good work, and be specific!

Include your volunteer hours. Tracking and sharing your hours, via paper or through free online resources such as, can really put your club’s community activities into perspective. The estimated value of volunteer time for 2015 is $23.56 per hour! Collecting and calculating your volunteer hours really quantifies the enormous value volunteers provide to their communities.

Donations and partnerships are vital to helping us provide additional support in our towns and cities. Don’t be afraid to let your community know where your and their dollars go. Promote the organizations with which we partner, both through GFWC and your local groups.

Be sure to share your story or the story of someone who has been impacted by your club’s good work in your Community
Impact Statement. A brief interview, quote, or statement can be very relatable to others.

If you search for examples of Community Impact Statements online, you will find many charities, businesses and even
municipalities have one. Tailoring yours to fit what you want your community to know about your club and GFWC can go a long way to bridge that gap and bring awareness to what it is that we as volunteers and members of GFWC do. Let’s give them something to talk about, ladies!


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