GFWC Year-End Gifting

November 29, 2016

The season of giving is upon us. What might your GFWC gift be?

When we think of the word gift, immediately our thoughts jump to birthday, wedding, anniversary, and other holidays, but there is a broader, more substantive kind of gift that we can give.

Customarily, we approach gift selection with the recipient in mind, such as their likes, personal collections, decorative, useful, entertaining, commemorative, etc.

However, there is another gift consideration that we all too often overlook, which can be everlasting.

Philanthropic gift giving can be just that. The word philanthropy, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes. Our GFWC Campaign for the Future is a philanthropic “gift” to GFWC volunteerism – past, present, and future. While GFWC is indeed the recipient, more importantly, consider the far-reaching impact it has on society through our untold projects and programs that impact each and every member club community through volunteer service.

Your opportunity to contribute to the future is by giving in the present and the GFWC Campaign for the Future is the vehicle.  Our Campaign for the Future is a meaningful way in which to give back to the “house” that built us. This is a gift, unlike any other, which has been “gifted” from our early founders. Your contribution to this eight-year Campaign will serve as your legacy to those generations of GFWC members that will subsequently follow, the intent being to perpetuate support for GFWC Headquarters and future programming of GFWC.

The best part is that this “gift” can be given by an individual, club, district, state, region, GFWC national club, or any combination thereof. It can be a one-time payment, pledge (payable in installments), or naming opportunity of specifically identified items at GFWC Headquarters.

Other more substantial ways in which to contribute are via stock from privately held corporations, gifts of appreciated property, such as publicly traded securities or real property, or a bargain sale, which allows the seller to convert an asset to cash-gifting proceeds.

Long-term planned gifts can be in the form of bequests, charitable gift annuities, life insurance, a percentage of an IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan.

The best part is it can be gifted from home! It requires no gift wrap, fancy bow, or gift tag…..merely a check or pledge card, envelope, and postage stamp! And YES, it is tax-deductible as GFWC is a 501C(3) charitable organization.

There are a host of other ways in which your annual gift giving can support GFWC endeavors, such as the 1734 Society, Endowment Fund, Friends of WHRC (Women’s History & Resource Center), GFWC Signature Program Fund (Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention), and Disaster and Relief Funds.

“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.” – Albert Camus

Tis the Season of giving…..your generous contribution to The Campaign for the Future will ensure your footprint on our GFWC Pathway to Success!


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