Important Dates

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May 1-31, 2021. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2021.


GFWC Success for Survivors Recipients Notified

May 1-June 30, 2021. GFWC Success for Survivors Recipients  Notified.


Mental Health Awareness Month

May 1-31, 2021. Mental Health Awareness Month


AHT Insurance Webinar

May 26, 2021. AHT Insurance is offering a webinar at 3:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday May 26.


2021 GFWC Alabama Convention

June 3-5, 2021. 2021 Alabama Convention


World Oceans Day

June 8, 2021. World Oceans Day


2021 GFWC Georgia Convention

June 10-13, 2021. 2021 GFWC Georgia Convention


2021 GFWC Rhode Island Convention

June 11-12, 2021. 2021 GFWC Rhode Island Convention


World Refugee Day

June 20, 2021. World Refugee Day is an international day designated by the United Nations to honor refugees.


Pure Food & Drug Act

June 30, 2021. The Pure Food & Drug Act was passed in 1906 with the help and support of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.



May 18

Volunteers in Action: GFWC New Hampshire, Women’s Club of Farmingdale, GFWC Brookings, and GFWC Northwest Suburban Woman’s Club

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Success For Survivors Scholarship

Each year, GFWC awards scholarships to help intimate partner abuse survivors obtain a post-secondary education that offers a chance to reshape their future by securing employment and gaining personal independence.

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